This week's releases are going to have a number of Blood Angel repacks. What's new, is that apparently there is an upgrade sprue in these new boxes. Here is the latest.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
The re-released Boxes (Sternguard, Vanguard, Assault and Company 

Command) are re-packed Boxes with an Blood Angel Upgrade Sprue added 
(small price increase of ~4€ per box)

There will be Limited Editon of the Angel's Blade Supplement with 

Mission Markers, Psychic cards, Tactical Objective Cards and Campaign map

Previously on Faeit 212
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
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Blood Angles: Archangels Orbital Intervention Force
Blood Angles: Chapter Ancients
Blood Angel Assault Squad
Blood Angel Stern Guard Veteran Squad
Blood Angel Company Command
The Beast Arises 10: Last Son of Dorn (Book)
The Red Path (Book)
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