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When All Games are Part of Your Narrative

One thing that sets the Genesys Project apart from many other games is the sense of a massive narrative, that you are writing the history and background of your faction as you play it.

Today we are going to look deeper into the narrative gameplay that is a part of every game you play, altering and changing your faction as you progress forward through time, creating your own legends and lore.

While it all starts with the creation of your own faction, this is just the mere beginning of your story when you play the Genesys Project. Every game you play allows advancements to be achieved, not only for individual mission awards, but for an overall progress from the inception of your faction through the differing Ages of Gameplay.

Primary Mission Awards
No game in the Genesys Project is played in the vacuum that most games are played where your faction resets to a factory preset after every game. All games in the Genesys Project mean something and offer awards called Primary Mission Awards.

Primary Mission Awards are different for every mission you play. There are 10 possible missions you may get, with 5 being the most common, and the other 5 being slight more rare. Of course having dedicated commanders can alter your missions and even offer advantageous options for after game mission awards.

The main goal in any game of the Genesys Project is to succeed in your Primary Mission. Both players have their own rolled up Primary Mission, so it's very likely that your opponents goals will not be the same as yours. For instance while your mission might be to recover objectives on the battlefield, your opponents may be to kill as many of your models as possible.

Primary Mission Awards range from gaining new Traits for your species or unit classes, or gaining new Advanced Weapon/Equipment Traits. There are several options, and even allowing the creation of new Unit Classes, or bonuses to progression points

Heroes are Born through Gameplay: Succeeding in your Primary Mission grants you the award that comes with the mission, however another option you have is to forgo your mission award and instead create a Hero. Creating Heroes gives individual miniatures access to very specific hero traits granting abilities that are able to enhance other abilities or are otherwise very difficult to come by. Once a hero is made of course, new class traits may be added to them allowing them to level up through additional games.

Progression Points
There are three Ages in the Genesys Project and creating your faction in the first Age and playing through the others is one of the more lofty goals of anyone playing the game. Every game you play allows for Progression Points to be awarded based on the size of the game you are playing. A 1,000pt game for instance allows for 1,000pts of Progression points to be possible to achieve. Gain enough points and you advance your faction to the next Age of game play unlocking new traits and abilities as well as technologies and other events within the Genesys Project.

When playing and successfully completing your primary mission, you gain 50% of the total possible progression points available. So in our example, this would grant you 500 progression points.

Stopping your opponent from succeeding with their primary mission grants you 25% of the total possible progression points.

Finally winning the shared Secondary Mission grants you another 25% of the total possible progression points.

Spending Progression Points: You can either save up your accumulated Progression Points to advance to the next age, or you can also spend them on traits and abilities for your species and unit classes. In this way your faction can gain traits or more when needed to adapt and adjust your units to other players as they do the same to you.

Whether played in a larger community of a game store or among your closest of friends, the Genesys Project is always evolving and moving your storylines forward with interesting conflicts that will help you write your narratives, create heroes out of amazing game events, and write the stories that will become legends as you advance through the ages.

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