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Appearing as if from nowhere to kill and enslave on what they call “realspace raids”, the Drukhari are among the most terrifying alien predators in the 41st Millennium. Countless tales of their cruelty and torturous ways have inspired the adage “pray they don’t take you alive” on many an Imperial world.
Let’s take a look at how these murderous Aeldari fight in Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse!

Play Style

Drukhari are fast and deadly, able to use their sleek, agile transport craft to deliver units of deadly Aeldari warriors wherever your opponent least expects it. The Drukhari are also blessed with widespread access to specialised weaponry that excels in eliminating specific targets, such as with their poisonous, infantry-shredding splinter weapons and tank-busting dark lances.
If you can get the right unit in the right place at the right time, your Drukhari will reward you by destroying the target in short order. Achieving this is even easier than it sounds, for they are among the swiftest and most manoeuvrable Factions in the 41st Millennium. If you field your Drukhari in their own Detachments, they’re also surprisingly resilient despite their lack of armour, as they’ll have a chance to avoid damage…

Top Units


Like many archetypal army commanders, a Drukhari Archon is a powerful fighter, effective against any target in melee and generates a handy aura ability in the form of Overlord.
However, their influence doesn’t end there – LhamaeanMedusaeSslythand Ur-Ghul units all benefit greatly from the presence of their master in the form of the Court of the Archon ability. Carry them to battle aboard a Venom for swift entry into the fray and watch them rip through many times their own number of enemies.


As the dreaded warrior elite of the Drukhari, the Incubi are unsurprisingly among the deadliest of their kind in combat. To ensure they reach the enemy intact and ready to unleash maximum carnage, be sure to give your Incubi a Raider, as it can carry even a full unit of 10 swiftly and safely into the fray. Once there, they can put their klaives to deadly use against enemy infantry.


If you need to blast a target to pieces from a safe distance, the Ravager will serve your fell purposes admirably. It can be equipped with three dark lances or disintegrator cannons, which specialise in hunting tanks or cutting down infantry respectively. Though you can mix and match between the two weapons, you’re better off arming it with three of the same type and focusing your fire according to your choice.

Top Command Assets

Crucible of Malediction is such a useful Command Asset that it’s worth ensuring that you include a Haemonculus in your army to unlock it for your deck. Not only does it give you the ability to thwart an enemy psychic power, but there’s also a chance that you can kill off the pesky Psyker that attempted to manifest it!
Does your opponent like hoarding lots of their units around a single Character to take advantage of a powerful aura ability? Punish them with Torment Bomb and watch with the malicious glee of a Drukhari as the blast markers pile up.
The Drukhari are an incredibly hard-hitting Apocalypse Faction, able to eliminate their enemies with a unique blend of speed, murderous ferocity and advanced weaponry. If you’re beginning your own collection, be sure to grab a Start Collecting! set. Alternatively, if you’re after a Kabal rather than a Wych Cult, a box or two of Kabalite Warriors will provide you with a solid foundation.

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