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Detailed Strategy Guide for Making Your Faction..

We are working on a detailed guide for making your faction. This will include insight from the Open Beta, personal experience from our In-House Playtesters and some things you might not have thought about before when making your faction.

One of the cool things about the Genesys Project is simply how easy it is to create and make your faction. Simply pick 4-8 traits and bam 10 minutes later your done.

OK, none of you will do that, but the fact of the matter is that you can. In house we have created in factions in 10 minutes and we were ready to go (This included our Unit Classes). In fact the longest part was actually recording our choices. What happens in reality is that most of us spend a considerable amount of time picking and selecting our traits. In this guide we will be diving in and not only exploring the options within the game, but really driving home game concepts and detailing them out for when you are building your unit classes.

So what we aim to do with this stretch goal, is jump to the top of the bell curve.... Give some insights on creating a faction that can deal with the dangers (your friends) of the Genesys Worlds.

What I am doing? Don't worry we will start with the basics and move into more in-depth concepts and ideas. This guide will be for not only the beginner... but for those looking for things that they might not have seen yet.

How many points is the sweet spot for Games? We will dive into the gameplay and suggest point levels for every level of your collection and faction. The higher the point value of the game, the higher the levels of Unit Classes that are allowed in the game.

Heroes...... How do I go about this and what are their strengths? Heroes in the Genesys Project are made from gameplay. So how do I go about leveling them up? Just how effective are these heroes?

Hidden secrets within the Domains? Yea, it's not that there are secrets when you have all the documents in your hands, but we will jump into Cross Domain builds (factions that build from one Domain of Life but end up in another. (like Undead, Lycanthropes, etc) .. This is literally my favorite section as it really helps someone new explore what the Domains have to offer.

Dealing with Flying Miniatures and Subterranean ones? There are some great ways to deal with these within the game. Oh yea baby... collapsing those tunnel systems.....extra cover when in terrain from flyers.

How many points is too much for a model? We all love to make expensive point costed models, loading them up with abilities and equipment.... but can they survive? Where is the sweet spots? Insight from literally hundreds of games will lay out what has been seen and help you know if your on the right track.

Getting the most out of the Combat Situation? Being able to turn or dominate the combat system will ensure that your forces take the advantage, or at very least deny the advantag to the opponent.

OMG, My opponent has a nearly impossible miniatures to kill. What can I do? Well.... there are many ways to take down the big boys in the game. From dominating the combat situation to assaulting them to exhaust them... and then charging in with your cavalry. Don't worry, there are great ways to diminish even the most dominating of monsters to make your opponent think twice about bringing a model that cost that man points.

I'm having a hard time winning my Primary Mission? Don't worry. In this guide we will handle the in-game tactics you will need to get the edge on those power gamers. In fact we have seen over the many years of play testing that different tactics and strategies on the tabletop can really improve your game. We will be discussing some of those from using pikes, getting the most out of ranged combat, how to defeat ranged combat, the best times to interrupt game play with a reactionary activation, and dealing with spellcasters and much more.

This Strategy Guide will be one of our stretch goals (as it is currently laid out) being free for supporters once unlocked.

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