The Genesys Project is more than just creating your factions in the most customizable tabletop miniature game that exists. Its gameplay is designed to be fully immersive and interactive between the players as they vie for control and the advantage over each other in a tense exchange of gameplay and tactics.

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Ever played a game where you were able to go use the bathroom while your opponent did his/her movement, or deployment, and then came back and you still had extra time on your hands? If that is your cup of tea...... you may not be ready for The Genesys Project.

Game Rounds/ Player Turns
While the game is divided up into Game Rounds, each Game Round is divided up into several player turns. Alternating player turns where each player gets to activate (one squad at a time) a number of squads equal to his/her highest Command Characteristic on the table. This is called the Command Value. Having a Command Value of 4 would mean you are able to activate 4 squads during your player turn.

Command gives you a fully functioning reason to have leaders with the ability to lead your forces. Being able to activate enough squads to keep control of the flow of the battle is very important (although some armies go in a different direction).

Any given game round starts off with the Player that gained the initiative from the previous Game Round. To do that.... the player that ends activates and finishes their Game Round first has the initiative at the beginning of the next game round. This means that having a high command will get you through your activations faster most of the time to get the first jump on the opponent next round.

Challenging the Initiative
So you lost the initiative, but the game is at a critical point and you want to have the initiative. In this case you can challenge the initiative to take it away from your opponent. Both sides roll a d6 and add their Command to the die roll with the challenger having to beat the opponent's. A tie means the challenger fails and suffers the consequences of losing the challenge.... Losing one to your armies Command Value this Game Round.

Now the interesting part.....
At the end of your Player Turn... your command value resets. Why?

During your Player turn there are ways to reduce your opponents Command Value by making him activate his squads, either by activating a melee combat (reducing Command Values by 1 for the melee combat even if there are multiple squads envolved), or if your opponent decides to do a reactionary activation, thereby interupting normal gameplay and activating one of his squads.

Reactionary Activations
Your opponent can interupt normal gameplay by doing a reactionary activation. Doing this lowers his/her Command Value down by 1 leaving his army with one less activation than it started with for his/her player turn. While it sounds great to do this..... you are limited to base movement and or an action (which lowers your characteristics by 1 for anything you do). It's a tough decision to make to do a reactionary activation. However... it could mean jumping behind cover, or shooting at a charging squad that is about to slaughter your ranged units. (just remember you only get one action, so you will not be fighting back should they survive your desperate reactionary shooting).

So what do you think? We have just touched the surface on tactics and gameplay. Want to know more? I am doing a follow up article on the Missions/End Game....... Achieving your Primary Mission on the Genesys Project blog.

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