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Get ready to usher in a new era of model painting! From today you will be able to pre-order the new Contrast paints alongside other new paints from across the range – prepare to say goodbye to grey plastic.


It’s finally here – you’ll now be able to get your armies Battle Ready in no time with one thick coat of this revolutionary new paint! Ranging from Blood Angels Red to Akhelian Green and Shyish Purple to Nazdreg Yellow, there is a colour for any project that you can think of. These 34 pots will change the way that you paint your models by applying both a Base and a Shade with one coat!
To get the most out of your Contrast paints, you’ll want to use them with the two new Contrast undercoats. They have been specially formulated to give the best possible finish when using Contrast. There are two colours available – Wraithbone, which gives a warm, vibrant tone to your paints, and Grey Seer, which gives a colder, more muted finish. These two colours are also available in individual Base paints for when you need to do little touch-ups – they really are your Contrast buddies.
There is also a little pot of magic available – since water interferes with the unique formulation of these paints, Contrast Medium is a thinner specially designed for the Contrast paints that allows you to create subtle tints, glazes and shades.

New Paints

The classic painting system is also getting a new set of paints, so no matter how you choose to get your models ready for the tabletop, there is something awesome on the way. 16 new Base and 8 new Layer colours have been designed to help you recreate more faction-specific paint jobs without the need for mixing. These incredible paints add even greater variety to your collection.

Air 2.0

We’ve also taken the opportunity to relaunch our entire Air range. It’s still the same formulation designed to work perfectly with airbrushes, but now it comes in larger pots, making it even more convenient. The whole Forge World Air range is also making a comeback as part of the Air range, including the incredible Clear paints!

Technical Paint

After all that hard work painting your models, you need to make sure that they’re protected from frequent handling. Two new varnishes will keep your miniatures safe – a new version of the gloss varnish, ‘Ardcoat, and Stormshield, a matt varnish designed specifically to work with Contrast but which works across the whole Citadel Colour collection. Also available is Mordant Earth, which adds an amazing amazing crackled texture to your bases..

Battle Ready Paint Sets

To help you build up your paint collection, you’ll be able to build your own Battle Ready Paint Set. Simply select 4 Base, 2 Shade, 3 Contrast and 1 Technical paints and you’ll make a saving over buying the paints separately. It’s only available for a limited time, so make sure that you take advantage of this outstanding offer – some terms and conditions apply.
Painting your models will never be the same again – pre-order these paints online or in your local store today, and while you wait for them to arrive, be sure to check out for loads of helpful tips and insights.

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