Mortian does it again. I've been waiting to see this one get through its design work and have been watching the progress. Its ready now for pre-orders. Its very large and is definitely in the Super-Heavy category.

Mortian Super Heavy Warcrawler

This item will be released on 29-07-2019

The Super Heavy Warcrawler kit will include several weapon- and individualization- options:

Main weapon:

short single barreled kinetic gun
long single barreled kinetic gun
long double barreled kinetic gun
single barreled laser gun
double barreled laser gun
mega gattling gun
mega plasma gun
secondary weapons (double mount on top, front and in side turrets):

6x double barreled heavy machine gun (takes a single mount each)
6x single barreled heavy machine gun (takes a single mount each)
6x laser gun (takes a single mount each)
4x plasma gun (takes a double mount each)
other parts:

two main weapon mounts for the fixed gun version
several covers on top
180° changeable front insert with a secondary weapon mount and a single heavy mortar mount
optional access hatch for the front instead of the heavy mortar

The smaller legs have two vertical moving joints. The big legs have one vertical moving joint.

All legs can be moved horizontaly.

Rough dimensions are 30x30cm and 10cm height. 12×12 inches and 4inches height. Without weapons.

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