This really is a cool Kickstarter launch from the guys over at Studiolevel Terrain. The Gardbuk Shrine 2 is incorporates your choice of several different terrain sets, from the familiar Ice and snow, to Desert, Forests, and Lava terrain and mats.

The best part is..... you can build the terrain set you want at the pledge levels. This allows you to pledge $1 and then build your set how you want, or select some of the pledge levels they have for you that will complete your table the instant it arrives..... (which is set for September of this year). Literally Kickstarter fulfillment in just a few short months.

This is only a 15 day Kickstarter. So its one of those get one board quickly to help support this release.

Gardbuk Shrine 2

$6,503 pledged of $7,500 goal
40 backers
13 days to go

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