Apocalypse is coming next weekend and today we have a preview for the Adeptus Mechanicus.

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Turn the recaff-dispenser crank thrice for a cup of hot beverage, pull up a Ryza-pattern Positional Lumbar Support device and praise the Omnissiah – it’s time for another Faction Focus! If you hadn’t guessed by now, today we’re looking at the Adeptus Mechanicus

Play Style

In Apocalypse, an Adeptus Mechanicus army is a glorious thing to behold, the scale of the game allowing you to bring the devotees of the Machine Cult to the tabletop in all their many-splendoured glory. Your army will consist of serried ranks of Skitarii alongside crawling, hovering and stomping war machines, and stranger units still.

Adeptus Mechanicus armies don’t just look awesome – they’re durable, too. With re-rolls of 1s on saving throws across the entire army, your units are even harder to kill, allowing your force to keep battling long after others would have fallen.
While they’re primarily a shooting force, don’t underestimate the power of Adeptus Mechanicus armies at short range. Units like Sicaran Ruststalkers and Kataphron Breachers are brutally effective as you close on the foe – combined with the rest of your roster, they’ll give you loads of choice as to how you approach each battle.

Top Units

Kastelan Robots

In Apocalypse, Kastelan Robots are a cracking pick for your Adeptus Mechanicus army, thanks largely to their ability to pulp tanks with their steely fists and melt through infantry when armed with heavy phosphor blasters. Where Kastelan Robots get even more awesome is Battle Protocols – incredible abilities that change based on the order given to their Detachment that turn.
Whether you’re crushing your foes up-close or decimating them from afar, Kastelan Robots will serve you well.

Fulgurite Electro-priests

In Apocalypse, Fulgurite Electro-Priests can be easy to overlook – who’s going to shoot at them when there are Titans to kill? This is a mistake that’ll prove deadly to your opponents. These guys have Ignore Damage (5+), giving them a decent shot at shrugging off enemy fire, while their Electroleech Staves possess fantastic SAP and reliable SAT, allowing them to threaten pretty much anyone on the tabletop.
Destroy a unit, and you’ll be able to boost the Fulgurite Electro-Priests’Save to an impressive 6+ – for reference, that’s the equivalent of a Tactical Marine’s power armour in Apocalypse. With movement trays, you’ll be able to move even massive squads of these electrically-charged warriors up the battlefield with ease!

Skorpius Disintegrator

It’s fast, it’s arriving just in time for Apocalypse and it’s got some truly excellent firepower – chances are, you need a Skorpius Disintegrator in your life. This battle tank is the kit-sibling of the Skorpius Dunerider, trading out transport capacity for a disruptor missile launcher and your choice of Belleros energy cannon or ferrumite cannon.
The Belleros energy cannon is a particularly useful choice thanks to its Barrage rule, which allows you to shoot without line-of-sight. Stick three Skorpius Disintegrators and a Tech-Priest Dominus behind a wall for a long-ranged firebase capable of attacking foes with nigh impunity.

Top Command Assets

Befitting their tactical flexibility, the Adeptus Mechanicus have some nifty Command Assets that allow them to fundamentally change their strategy in an instant. Looking to shoot your foes off the table? Just trigger the Benediction of the Omnissiah.
Facing a squishier army, and want to take them out in melee? Use the Chant of the Remorseless Fist instead!
You’ll be able to harness the full wrath of the Omnissiah on the battlefields of Apocalypse soon – make sure to pre-order your set (and the Skorpius) next weekend! In the meantime, if your army needs some reinforcement, we heartily recommend Kastelan Robots – grab yours online or in-store today, or pick them up in the massive Adeptus Mechanicus Vanguard Detachment set.
Apocalypse is available to pre-order from June 29th

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