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Apocalypse Faction Focus... Orks!!

Nothing says Apocalypse like a massed horde of screamin Orks charging across the battlefield with massive towers of Gunz and Metal.
Focusing in on the Orks today for the upcoming Apocalypse release! How they will play, rules, and more are all taken a look at here.

via the Warhammer Community
Waaagh! Far too many ‘umies in these Faction Focuses so far, eh? We’ve looked at da Beakies, da Spiky Beakies – now, it’s the turn of the 41st Millennium’s most warlike xenos (and that really is saying something) – the Orks! In Apocalypse, the green tide swells to a tsunami of bodies, rusty steel and dakka!
In Apocalypse, Orks have an incredible numerical advantage over their foes. There are few problems they can’t solve with enough bodies. Indeed, their Faction ability allows them to capitalise on their vast volume by giving you free attacks whenever you roll a 6 to hit, in shooting or in melee.

Of course, it’s not just the footsoldiers – a key advantage of Orks in Apocalypse is their dizzying array of vehicles, walkers and war machines. Generally speaking, units in Apocalypse need a higher roll for SAT (Strength Against Tanks) than SAP (Strength Against Personnel) – you can learn more about how these work in our first rules preview. In practice, this makes low-Power vehicles like Killa KansRukkatrukk Squigbuggiesand the humble Trukk especially awesome – your enemy will have to use more firepower than average to destroy them, and you’ll have suffered no great loss when they’re destroyed. Dread Mobs and Speedwaaaghs! alike will both be great in Apocalypse forces.
Orks have access to some nifty Characters, too. Painboyz, Meks, Nobz with Waaagh! banners – you’ll be able to stack up aura abilities, kustom force fields and so on to transform even the most meagre units into a force to be reckoned with.

Top Units

Killa Kans
Choppy, shooty and only costing a handful of Power, Killa Kans are perfect for Apocalypse. As we’ve pointed out above, these guys are very durable against anti-infantry firepower, while their weapons allow them to go toe-to-toe with pretty much anything in the game and come out on top.

We’d recommend stocking up on rokkit launchas to make the best use of their decent (by Ork standards) Ballistic Skill of 4+.

Big Mek With Shokk Attack Gun
How do you get a Snotling to kill a Titan? Simple – it’s all a matter of the force with which you throw it. Big Meks with Shokk Attack Guns are among Apocalypse’s deadliest shooting units, capable of dropping two shots with Destroyer (causing two blast markers on a successful roll to wound) up to 60” away!

That’s enough to nearly scrap an Imperial Knight! What’s more, Big Meks will help keep your vehicles up and running with their Big Mekaniak rule.

If you’ve got a few Power to spare and need some extra dakka, this guy is a top choice.

The Stompa
This is it – the Orkiest Orks model to ever Ork. The Stompa truly shines in Apocalypse, armed with a terrifying array of weaponry, incredibly difficult to put down and capable of delivering 20 of your killiest models straight to the heart of the battle. The Stompa is awesome because of its ability to go the distance in your biggest games, softening enemies up at extreme range…

…before getting stuck in with its mega-choppa, perhaps one of the best melee weapons in the 41st Millennium.

Our recommendation? Get two* – it’ll be worth it for the expression on your opponent’s face alone.

Top Command Assets
While the Orks are brutally strong, they’ve got plenty of kunnin’ tricks up their sleeves too. We love Grot Shields – an option that lets you take blast markers off your most precious units, and reassigns them to some unfortunate Grots – perfect for keeping your Characters safe in the biggest of battles.

Everyone knows that while Orks have some great firepower, their accuracy leaves a little to be desired. We’d recommend putting your shootiest units into a single Bad Moons Detachment to make maximal use of Armed To Da Teef, which allows them to re-roll hit rolls. Talk about Dakka!

If you’re looking to unleash carnage with your Orks on a larger scale than ever before, Apocalypse is for you! Just make sure to pre-order your set on June 29th – and, if you’re in need of some more Deff Dreads and Killa Kans, make sure to grab the Orks Spearhead Detachment!