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Citadel Colour App.... Why you should be using it.

Hey, I have the app and have used it for a reference point. Now of course they have redesigned it with a new look, all the new paints and more. Its still free...

via the Warhammer Community site
We’ve added loads of new content, and there are plenty of new features you should check out. Here are our top 5 reasons why you NEED this essential painting companion…

1. Simple To Use

We’ve made the Citadel Colour app easy to use, completely redesigning the UI to make browsing simple. It doesn’t just look great on mobile – we’ve ensured that the app works on a variety of screen sizes and devices, meaning it’s perfect for tablets, too.

2. Packed With Paint Recipes

We’ve added loads and loads of new colours and models to the app in this update, including a ton of recipes using the new Contrast paints, bringing the total up to 302 colours and 241 miniatures! In fact, we painted almost a full Space Marine Chapter’s worth of new backpacks to provide examples! We’ve also included plenty of new basing schemes for you to try.

3. Battle Ready To Parade Ready!

Whether you want to deploy your troops as rapidly as possible or polish them up for competition, we’ve got you covered. Our guides will help you get your models Battle Ready in no time, as well as showing you how to take the next few steps to make them Parade Ready. If you’re looking for more in-depth content, video guides in the app allow you to learn more about specific techniques at your leisure.

4. Stay Organised

We’ve all been there – you head down to your local shop, grab some new brushes and paints, get home – then realise you’ve forgotten to pick up Leadbelcher! (Or you remembered to pick up the Leadbelcher, only to find out you already have three at home…) The Citadel Colour app is packed with nifty features to help even the busiest manage multiple projects at once. You’ll be able to track your inventory of paints, while a new Projects function lets you store your favourite recipes in named lists.

5. It’s Free!

That’s right – the Citadel Colour app won’t cost you a thing, making downloading it a no-brainer.
Don’t miss out – download the Citadel Colour app free for Android and iOStoday.