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Legiones Daemonica: Apocalypse Daemons Preview

Daemons are up next in the Apocalypse previews from Games Workshop. Lets see the latest.

via the Warhammer Community

…or as you might know them, Daemons of Chaos! In today’s Faction Focus for Apocalypse, we’re looking at how the insidious children of the warp fare in Apocalypse. Read on for a guide to their play style, some top units and some truly evil Command Assets…

Play Style

In Apocalypse, Daemon armies can be broken into two elements – a core of horde infantry that’s fast and deadly in melee, and an elite cadre of monstrous Greater Daemons. As Skull Cannons and units of Horrorsbombard the enemy with sorcerous projectiles, the rest of your army will move in for the kill, shrugging off heavy enemy fire with ease thanks to their Daemonic Invulnerability rule.
The Legiones Daemonica unit roster is incredibly diverse, and when combined with the permissive army building of Apocalypse, allows you to unleash forces seldom seen on tabletops. An eightfold council of Bloodthirsters? A rippling pack of ScreamersBurning Chariots and Heralds? A ceaseless legion of Plaguebearers? Or perhaps stranger combos of your own invention – just what would an Apocalypse-sized army of Nurglings look like?

Legiones Daemonica armies also benefit from all sorts of nifty interlocking synergies with their heretical allies, like Heralds of each of the Gods bolstering the strength of any units which share their patron and the Daemon keyword. Daemon PrincesPossessed and Daemon Engines make for cracking choices in a Chaos army and give you even more choice when writing your lists.

Top Units


Rotigus makes for an incredibly useful unit in pretty much any Apocalypse Legiones Daemonica army. Like all Nurgle units in the army, he’s capable of ignoring damage on a 6+, while his Deluge of Nurgle ability gives him a chance to inflict extra damage whenever he manifests a psychic power, allowing you to maximise the use of these already-powerful Command Assets.

Fiends of Slaanesh

Fiends of Slaanesh are fast, strong in close-combat, and look awesome. If that were the end of the story, they’d still be a great choice – but their ability to mess with enemy Psykers with Psychic Backlash makes them a must-have.


In Apocalypse, there is a time for tactics, and there is a time for kicking face – and when that time comes, you want Skarbrand on your side. If a problem cannot be solved by the violent, and sudden, application of this legendary Greater Daemon, it is likely not worth solving. Skarbrand boasts a host of incredibly powerful attacks that allow him to chew through Light and Heavy units alike with impunity.

Skarbrand also amps up the attacks of nearby units, making him an excellent combo with other Bloodthirsters or allied Chaos units like Khorne Bezerkers. Just be careful – this ability affects everyone, including your foes.

Top Command Assets

Daemons have many Command Assets that are psychic powers, representing their peerless reality-warping powers on the battlefield. As befits the Chaos God of Sorcery, Tzeentch’s Command Assets are particularly nifty, with Infernal Gateway allowing you to punch holes in closely-grouped foes.
Another excellent Command Asset for Daemons is Denizens of the Warp which, with a lucky roll, allows you to return slain units to battle. It’s perfect for a last-minute objective grab – or surprising your enemy with a Greater Daemon they thought they’d dealt with already…
If you’re looking to unleash the Dark Gods’ most terrifying servants on a truly horrifying scale, Apocalypse is the game for you! Check out the rest of our Faction Focuses on the Index – while if you’re eager to get your hands on some Daemons right away, why not grab a Start Collecting! set?
Apocalypse is available to pre-order from June 29th