This is something interesting.... Gardbuk 2 is a new terrain Kickstarter coming soon from StudioLevel Terrain and they are coming out with some new game mats for the Kickstarter campaign.  The new mats changing are changing materials ( not pcv) for something much more lightweight and apparently just as durable and detailed.

This information is really not out yet (I may be jumping the gun a little on releasing it now before the announcement). If this article gets pulled... well ya know I wasnt supposed to tell you yet.

I do have this image from their Kickstarter.

That is incredibly much lighter. You can see its a Polyster mat instead of the plastic PCV.

This is what I was told.. because I hounded them until they told me.
"Technically, the new mat cloth is anti-allergic, it is reinforced 
polyester with a weight of 210 g. You can iron and machine wash it. High 
resistance to water and tearing - it has a strong weave, no need to be 
For mousepad lovers, there will be an option to get it in our 
Kickstarter for the old prize. This will give them more options.
As you can see the new one is cheaper than the old one."

Im in. Would love to see the difference in this mat. If I could fold it and it has no seams or creases? Or just iron it out.

What do you think?

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