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Preview: General’s Handbook 2019: Narratives

Another preview for the General's Handbook 2019 from the Warhammer Community taking a look at the narrative optional rules you are able to plug into your games.

via the Warhammer Community

This year’s General’s Handbook expands your narrative toolbox with a range of powerful and flexible optional rules that are simple and rewarding to plug into any of your games. In our latest preview of this year’s essential guidebook for gamers, we’re checking out some of the biggest narrative additions.

Streets of Death

As the narrative of the Mortal Realms has progressed, we’ve seen new cities like Hallowheart and Hammerhal spring up across the realms, while ancient civilisations crushed under the iron heel of Chaos begin to flourish once more. In this year’s General’s Handbook, you’ll be able to bring your battles to these cities with a new set of rules for urban combat – Streets of Death.
In Streets of Death, units battle for supremacy amid narrow alleys, buildings burn and infiltrators strike from the sewers. New game mechanics allow you to lay siege to buildings or garrison them with deadly effect, adding challenging and thematic twists to your games!

Arcane Objectives

Arcane objectives are a really simple and effective way to add some extra flavour to your games, whether you’re randomly generating them or selecting them before the battle. Usable with any battleplan involving objectives, each of these 11 arcane objectives adds extra challenges to your battles and are perfect for weaving into your stories. Healing Light could be used to represent a strange artefact of Ghyran coveted by your Sylvaneth army, while Trove of Arcane Glory could represent a strange shielding device from the Age of Myth.
These add some interesting tactical challenges for other games, too – how might your armies fare in a Pitched Battle if every objective is Trapped? Or worse, infested with a deadly Plague?

Regiments of Renown

We all have those units we love – heroic fighters who’ve proved themselves despite the odds in game after game. In General’s Handbook 2019, you’ll be able to reward these units with new special rules with the Regiments of Renown system. These are great for representing veterans in campaigns or adding flavour to your narrative army – perhaps the Stormcast Eternals of your particular Stormhost are particularly disciplined, and have the Battle Drill rule…
Or maybe your Chaos Knights, after a particularly awesome Quest for the Stormvaults campaign, have augmented themselves with strange, stolen powers represented by the Heavy Armour rule.
Alternatively, you can roll on these tables to generate your own Regiments of Renown. Just imagine an open play game where every unit is given a random upgrade…