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What's On Your Table: Many Projects

What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics or short video to

Here's some completed and WIP 40k projects (i've got a alot) for you my good man. I'll keep them coming

Deathwatch: My main Army, well over 3000 points. Lots of kitbashed and Unique Characters. No two models the same.
Raptors: 2000 points of all the things Deathwatch doesn't get to have.
Titan: Lucius Pattern Warlord, hand made from Metal and ABS Plastic. Lights and sounds with revolving Vulcan Bolters. WIP but practically complete. 
Terrain: Modular 6x4 foot made up of six 2x2 tiles. There's a twist in store, stay tuned.

Not pictured WIPs but something you can look forward to
Tyranids: Proxy Army with Aliens/ AVP Minis. 2000 points planned, only ~1500 purchased so far.
Orks: 2000 points of Goffs... Daemonic back story
More Terrain: Armageddon Ork town, Jungle Base, Ice Water Processing, Hellscape/ Fire waste. Basically the Fourth War for Armageddon, 8th Ed style.
Inq28 and other Small Format games. Massive backlog. Various stages of completion. Too many to list but i'll send pics when i dig them out.
Oh and Space Crusade.

Did i mention i've only just passed 2 years in the Hobby?