The Eldar are up today for a dedicated preview of the new Apocalypse game coming from Games Workshop. Here is the latest.

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Fast. Deadly. Graceful. The Asuryani – also known as the Craftworld Aeldari – are an incredible army in Apocalypse and the subject of today’s Apocalypse Faction Focus! Read on for a look at their play style, top units, and a couple of deadly Command Assets to whet your appetite.

Play Style

Asuryani Detachments have nigh-unparalleled speed and versatility thanks to their Battle Focus ability. Usually, the Assault order allows you to make a Move action at double your Move characteristic, followed by a Fight action. Asuryani armies can instead follow up with a Shoot action using their Small Arms.* This allows you to close on your foes with terrifying quickness while maintaining a withering hail of fire.
Of course, don’t let the reputation of the Asuryani as fast but fragile corsairs fool you – they’ve got big guns to threaten even the heaviest of armoured columns. If you like, your Craftworlds Apocalypse army could be made up of shoals of grav-tanks, or perhaps an indomitable horde of wraith constructs fighting under the banner of Iyanden.

Top Units


The flexibility of an infantry unit combined with some of the 41st Millennium’s deadliest weapons – Wraithguard are awesome in Apocalypse. Armed with D-scythes and wraithcannons, they’ll make short work of anything in your way, and are great to have on-side for dealing with enemy Super-heavy units.


In Apocalypse, every single unit matters – and often, your small support squads can be the key to tipping the scales in your favour. Rangers are an easily overlooked pick for Asuryani armies that work as a precision scalpel for excising enemy Characters. Thanks to Deep Strike, you’ll be able to ensure they’re where you need them on the battlefield, while their long rifles’ Sniper rule allows you to target enemy Characters with savage accuracy.
In Apocalypse, units left leaderless are “Out of Command”, meaning they’re at risk of routing in the Damage phase. A few squads of these itinerant stalkers can prove very effective indeed.


Fast, graceful and armed with enough guns to turn a Leman Russ into a particularly sad (and hot) puddle – you’ve got to love the Wraithknight. On the massive scale of Apocalypse, these gigantic wraith constructs are invaluable in an Asuryani army. The titanic ghostglaive, in particular, is monstrously effective, easily able to scrap an Imperial Knight in a single Fight phase when combined with the Wraithknight’s impressive Attacks characteristic of 4.  

Top Command Assets

Sometimes, you absolutely, utterly, completely need a unit destroyed. For those times, you’ll need Doom – a deadly Asuryani Command Asset that all but ensures an opponent’s destruction.
Other Asuryani Command Assets open up new strategies and allow you to get the most out of your favourite units – or represent your preferred Craftworld on the battlefield. Swordwind, for instance, allows for Biel-Tan forces to shred their foes with Small Arms fire.
If you’re looking to unleash your Asuryani on the battlefields of Apocalypse, you don’t have long to wait! Secure your Apocalypse set next weekend (alongside the Craftworlds Vanguard Detachment box) – and expand your army today with the Start Collecting! Craftworlds set.
Apocalypse is available to pre-order from June 29th – alongside several sizes of super-useful movement trays, the new Crusade Case XL, a series of Detachment boxes and more.

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