The Warhammer Community has another preview up for Apocalypse, this time it's Chaos Space Marines.

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It’s time for another Apocalypse Faction Focus! In our previous rules-packed preview, we looked at the indomitable Adeptus Astartes, while today, we’re looking at their heretical cousins – the Chaos Space Marines.


In Apocalypse, the Chaos Space Marines are a deadly “hybrid” force, capable of dealing superb damage at mid-range and in melee. Using overlapping aura abilities from key support characters like the Exalted Champion and Dark Apostle, even Cultists can be transformed into brutal killing machines – particularly when combined with the Let the Galaxy Burn Faction ability.
Chaos Space Marines offer loads of choices when it comes to how you want to play them. Let loose your inner Warsmith and feed hordes of Cultists into the meat grinder, unleash terrifying hordes of Daemon Engines under the command of the malefic overlords of the Word Bearers, or launch devastating high-speed assaults with RaptorsWarp Talons and Chaos Bikers – the choice is yours!

Top Units

Khorne Lord of Skulls

This is Warhammer 40,000 at its most extreme – a living embodiment of a power metal solo with enough skulls to make the Blood God say “steady on there”.* This is the Khorne Lord of Skulls – a brutal engine of destruction that is utterly incredible in Apocalypse. You see, the Khorne Lord of Skulls gets stronger as you damage it, meaning that your foes risk empowering you by attacking you! It’s a tactical nightmare for them – and a gloriously deadly unit for you.
As if that wasn’t enough, they also benefit from all sorts of Daemon synergies from Greater Possessed and Khorne Daemon allies, making it simple to supercharge. If you’re looking for a solution to problems like your enemies being alive, this is it.

Abaddon The Despoiler

In Apocalypse, the overall leader of your forces is known as the Warmaster, Given this guy is the Warmaster, it only feels fitting he should lead your army to conquest and glory! Providing re-rolls to hit for all nearby Black Legion models, and immunity to morale to the Heretic Astartes, he’s a key lynchpin for Chaos Space Marines of all stripes.
What’s more, Abaddon is exceptionally hard to kill thanks to his 3+ save… on a D12! We’ll be going into how damage is resolved in Apocalypse tomorrow, but rest assured that Abaddon’s Dark Destiny ability makes him exceptionally hard to kill.
For a truly awesome Warmaster, you can’t go wrong with Abaddon.

Chaos Space Marines

Big guns win battles – troops win Long Wars. If you’re building an Apocalypse force, you’ll want to take a few squads of Chaos Space Marines, who work as superb objective grabbers. Armed with bolters, they’ll be able to mow down enemy infantry at midrange. Alternatively, try a full-sized squad of 20 with chainswords, and use them to mulch Boyzinfantry squads and anyone else unfortunate enough to be in their way!

Top Command Assets

Chaos Space Marine Command Assets allow them to unleash tactical ploys and malefic powers that have some incredible effects on the battlefield. Delightful Agonies, for instance, allows you to supercharge a damaged unit and is particularly nifty when combined with multi-wound models with solid close combat profiles like Daemon Princes and Defilers.
Other Command Assets let you harness the might of the Chaos Legions with powerful options representing their preferred  tactics. Black Crusaders, for example, lets a Black Legion Detachment Advance up the table, Shoot their foe, then Fight in the same activation, making for a devastating combined strike!
If you’re looking to bring your Chaos collection to their biggest battles ever, make sure to pre-order Apocalypse next weekend. If you’re looking to reinforce your Chaos army right now, why not grab Abaddon?

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