One of the biggest features in The Genesys Project is that you get to create your own faction. Figured it was time to jump in and see just how this is done and how it works.

Whoa, wait... what are we talking about? If you missed the Official Announcement about The Genesys Project... don't worry its right below the break.

The Genesys Project Official Announcement

Creating Your Faction
Pick your Traits
Creating your faction is a simple concept. Choose a Domain and you begin with a set of starting characteristics... ya know like Strength, Toughness, Movement, Martial, Ranged, Defense, Discipline, Willpower, and Command.

From here, its time to create your Faction...
While there is a mandatory minimum number of traits you must select.... there is a lot to choose from. Each trait has a point cost and comes with one or more abilities. In general you are choosing 4-8 traits.

So if you select 4 traits for your faction, any abilities that come with those traits are faction-wide abilities. Total up the point cost of the 4 traits and there you have it.... the total point cost of each model within your faction.

Essentially that is the base concept. Some abilities raise your characteristics, some affect movement, grant infiltration, stealth, bonuses to cover, command, or just about anything you can think of. This includes new weapons and armor, magical powers, etc.

Each Domain creates their faction slight different than the others. The Biests for instance must select Biest Kingdoms and Regional Traits, while the Fey must follow the Path of Light or Darkness and select traits from Spheres of Influence. (more on all this Later... or jump to The Genesys Project Blog to get a big jump on learning more).

Once you've done this, your faction is created! Find a cool name and get ready to create your unit classes.

Creating Unit Classes
Now creating your faction was cool and all, but every model in your faction has those abilities. Unit Classes are where you faction really shines. These are your individuals and groups with additional abilities/access to better equipment/powers etc.

So Unit Classes are built using the same methods as Creating your Faction is. Simply you are adding new Traits (with an additional point cost) to the models of that class.

So if you are wanting to create specialized archers with improved skill and customized bows, this is where you would do that and creating new Unit Classes gives you that variability and specialization that you want on the tabletop to complete your missions when faced with an opponent.

Each Faction creates many different Unit Classes ranging from 7-10 or so. (there are traits that your faction can take to get more classes of various types).

Unit Classes are all assigned a level ranging from 1-5 with 1 being your standard troops, 2 your more specialized soldiers, and so on. Level 5 Classes are your unique commanders, champions, paragons, or legendary warriors.

Wrapping it up... Choices to be made
Thats very much how your faction is created. In concept it is easy and quick. In reality I know you all much better than that.... and it generally takes as long as you want it to. Some of you will be refining and re-defining your concept until you get it just right.

Creating your faction is almost a game in itself and while I can create one in 5-10 minutes or less, the fun lies in seeing what you can create. What magical powers lie in waiting. What things like Forbidden Lore can do... like crossing from one domain to the next. Take those humans, have your level 3 leaders study forbidden lore to start their quest for immortality by taking traits from the Fey.

That kind of stuff really digs in and makes the game something beyond your expectations and making your faction, your army, your heroes, something unique to you.

Oh yea.. Supporting Companies page added onto the Genesys Games Site. It really is an all-star list.

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