New Necromundpre-orders are up from Forgeworld this morning.

New Necromunda Pre-Orders from Forgeworld

Delaque Heads Upgrade Set $19
Delaque Weapons Set 1 $25
Delaque Weapons Set 2 $25

Ammo-jack & Dome Runner $31

via the Warhammer Community team
The Delaque are the most sinister of all of the House gangs in the underhive of Necromunda. These 15 new heads allow you to customise the appearance of your gang – the mix of hoods and augmentics making them appear even more mysterious.
You’ll also be able to pick up two weapon upgrade sets for the Delaque, allowing you to arm your gang with a deadly mix of weapons, including a number that are only available to these secretive gangers. There are also options that aren’t available in the Delaque kit, allowing you even more options when it comes to equipping your gang.
All of these upgrade sets are designed to fit perfectly with the plastic Delaque gang kit.
Two new Hangers-on are also coming to Necromunda. Dome Runners are local guides who are able to root out treasures among the trash in the underhive, while Ammo-jacks carry a variety of spare weapons and magazines, allowing a gang to replenish their ammunition supply.
Rules for these two new models can be found in the Gangs of the Underhive supplement.

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