The new Apocalypse is coming to pre-orders in just a couple of days now.... Here is a preview for the Tau and how they will play in the new game.

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The T’au Empire is an increasingly powerful force to be reckoned with in the grim darkness of the far future, and over the course of five sphere expansions, the vibrant young race has seen the territory under their control multiply a thousandfold.
 Though they prefer to increase their influence by peaceful means wherever possible, they are no strangers to unleashing war on those who would dare to prevent their inexorable expansion. Read on to discover what the T’au Empire will soon be bringing to the Apocalypse battlefield…

Play Style

The armies of the T’au Empire specialise in the relentless application of ranged firepower. Deadly ranged firepower. In fact, there are few other Factions in the game that can compete with the T’au Empire in the art of obliterating targets at a distance. While this can leave them susceptible to enemy units that successfully brave the lethal volleys of the T’au gunline to engage them in melee, they are not without their tricks – their Faction ability enables them to fire at point-blank range if they’re attacked while performing an Aimed Fire order!
Another huge strength of the T’au Empire lies in its battlesuits. These armoured weapon platforms provide their pilots with devastating firepower and, in the case of all but the heaviest battlesuits, the ability to Fly. The freedom for your battlesuits to move over intervening obstacles in this manner and deliver explosive death at will is an enormous advantage. On the topic of battlesuits, here are three of our top picks…

Top Units


The Commander datasheet is probably the most flexible in the game, with multiple weapon options, Battlesuit types and Drones. You can essentially equip your Commander to perform any battlefield function your army requires. Need some infantry-shredding firepower? Kit your Commander out with a combination of missile pods, burst cannons, plasma rifles and flamers, then accompany him with a Gun Drone and Marker Drone to make your shots count.
How about a really survivable Commander to be your army’s Warmaster? Make sure he’s piloting an XV8-02 Crisis Iridium Battlesuit and has a pair of Shield Drones for a cumulative 3+ Save! Regardless of your wargear preferences, including one or more Commanders also enables you to use the awesome Master of War ability once in the battle.

XV8 Crisis Battlesuits

Like their Commanders, XV8 Crisis Battlesuits can be equipped to perform a number of jobs on the battlefield. If you’re looking to take out your opponent’s armoured threats, try holding back a unit of Crisis Battlesuits as Tactical Reserves, then Deep Strike them into the fray within range of their deadly fusion blasters.
Alternatively, accompany your most valuable Character with an XV8 Crisis Bodyguards unit whose primary purpose is to keep them alive – give them Shield Drones for added survivability and use their Sworn Protectors ability to intercept hits.

XV104 Riptide Battlesuit

As one of the largest Battlesuits available to the T’au Empire, the XV104 Riptide can deliver even greater concentrations of firepower. Many of its weapons are equally effective against infantry and vehicles alike – especially its fearsome ion accelerator – though you can’t go far wrong with taking a pair of Missile Drones for an extra couple of missile pod attacks!
Unless you feel a desperate need to engage and destroy enemy armour with fusion blasters (hint: don’t bother), use your XV104 Riptide’s ability to Fly to stay away from trouble and bombard your opponent’s forces with its formidable arsenal of longer-ranged guns from a safe distance.

Top Command Assets

If you really need to make your shots count against an enemy Detachment – especially one that’s threatening to engage your battleline in combat – the Markerlights Command Asset can make really make the difference. After all, by concentrating your firepower, it can affect your entire army!
If you like the idea of enacting the two master strategies for which the T’au Empire have become famed (and exemplified by Commander Shadowsunand Commander Farsight), make sure you have Kauyon and Mont’ka in your Command Asset deck. Not only do they allow you to change the order you’ve given to a Detachment, but you also get to usurp their turn to activate a Detachment!
The T’au Empire are all set for Apocalypse, with rank upon rank of Fire Warriors, advanced Battlesuits, mercenary auxiliaries and squadrons of Air Caste Flyers ready to unleash total war. If you’re looking to give your own cadre a boost, don’t forget to pre-order the T’au Empire Vanguard Detachment this weekend, as it includes an awesome selection of Battlesuits and saves you money!

Apocalypse is available to pre-order from June 29th

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