New reinforcements for the White Scars!!!!!

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White Scars Legion Ebon Keshig Terminators $93
Shield the lighter contingent of your Legion with the Ebon Keshig – available to pre-order now.

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New reinforcements have arrived for your White Scars Legion in the form of the Ebon Keshig – available to pre-order now.
The Ebon Keshig are 5 new models clad in Tartaros-pattern Terminator armour, highlighting the size and strength of these elite troops. While the White Scars Legion is known for its speed and finesse, here is a unit that can add some brute force, offering new tactical options to your V Legion forces.
Often deployed at the vanguard of sieges and other high-intensity conflicts, their Tactical Dreadnought Armour offers the Ebon Keshig greater protection than that worn by the more lightly armoured contingents of their battle brothers. White Scars often volunteer for a position in the Ebon Keshig to atone for perceived sins within the Legion and any who survive such duty are marked for future greatness. Their desire for absolution is so strong that they can shrug off wounds that would normally kill even a Space Marine. To represent this on the tabletop, the unit benefits from the Feel No Pain special rule.
Each model is armed with a piece of wargear unique to the White Scars – the power glaive. Based on the ancient pole arms of Chogoris, these weapons are known for their intimidating weight and the graceful sweeping strikes that characterise their use. With these weapons, the Ebon Keshig can slaughter even the most heavily armoured foes.
Pre-order the Ebon Keshig today and cut down the enemies of the Khan!

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