Keeping up with the latest changes to Warhammer Underworlds is important with new Restricted Cards Tome of Offerings and Longstrider.

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New Restricted Cards

Both Tome of Offerings and Longstrider have been added to the restricted cards list! Each of these cards makes for an excellent glory generator, making them popular and powerful picks in a variety of decks. Now Restricted, we think they’ll remain solid choices, but you’ll have to weigh up including them at the cost of other powerful options.


We’ve also made some small but significant changes to a number of cards in the Errata. Rastus and Ammis from Stormsire’s Cursebreakers can now only each make one successful Empower spell action per phase.

We’ve also tweaked the Keep Them Guessing objective so it no longer counts actions taken as a Reaction (like through Scurry and other Reactions on Fighter Cards). Loads of you have been asking about how this works, and we wanted to ensure that it remained a challenging but rewarding objective to score.

We’ve also added the Katophrane Tome keyword to Tome of Healingand Tome of Insight, meaning these upgrades can now be combined with Acolyte of the Katophranes and Preserve their Knowledge for heaps of glory points!

We’ve also changed how Spells work based on your feedback. Now, you’ll require targets and line of sight to use your magical abilities (dependent on the spell), meaning they work much more intuitively in-game.

Designers’ Commentary

We’ve clarified a number of your burning questions. First up, a lot of you were wondering just what the boards from the Forbidden Chambers set are called. We’re very happy to dub these war-torn battlegrounds with some appropriately epic titles…

Certainly beats “that one with three lethal hexes”, eh?
We’ve also cleared up some crucial questions around how Ylthari’s Guardians work with Tainted Vitality and Lifesurge, clarified that you can’t use Spoils of Battle and similar cards to equip Katophrane Relics, and cleared up an interaction between Rebound and the Fated Blade making the latter a great choice for players worrying about coming up against the former.

New Board Rules for Organised Play

If you’re looking to take advantage of the latest update, you’ll have another chance to prove your skills at the two-day Grand Clash at Warhammer World! This event is also the debut of a new Organised Play rule involving Board Placement.
From this event onwards, if you’re playing in Organised Play, you’ll only be able to use each board side once in each match. So, let’s say you brought two boards along to a match:

If you used the Cursed Oubliette in your first game, in your next, you wouldn’t be able to pick it – but you could still pick the Penitent’s Throne from the reverse of the board.

The boards you use in one match have no bearing on what you can use in the next match – this rule just means that you won’t put the same board side down twice (or even three times!) against the same opponent.
This means you’ll need to bring a minimum of two different game boards (giving you a total of four different board sides) to your games – make sure you don’t get caught short and grab a board pack to be safe.
In practice, this change means that players will be changing their setup every game, as well as having to think carefully about which board side they use. Let us know how you find it!
For the full list of changes, download the latest Designers’ Commentary, Errata and Restricted list below – and keep sending us your feedback at! If you’re looking to bolster your latest deadly deck, the Power Unbound cards are available to pre-order tomorrow.

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