The Genesys Project launches in 2 weeks! That means you will not have to wait much longer. We will have an official countdown soon as we approach our Kickstarter Launch. While we will be talking a lot about the new game, one of the most interesting things is just how easy it is to get into it.

Recall that the Genesys Project is a customizable wargame that you can create your own faction. Weapons, Spell-like Powers, Monsters, Vehicles and more are all customizable.

The Genesys Project is a ruleset that is miniature agnostic, meaning you can use miniatures that you already have or want to pick up. Its quite easy to jump into the game only requiring The Genesys Project ruleset to get involved.

The upcoming Kickstarter launch will include two books.

The Genesys Project- The Core Rules
The core rules is one ruleset for three Ages of game play. Dynamic gameplay with alternating activations where Command, Movement, and Fighting for the Advantage over your opponent in combat is part of every moment of the game to accomplish your primary missions.

The Birth of Genesys- The 1st Age
The 1st Age is the beginning of the Genesys Project. Creating your faction within the 5 Domains of Life- Humanoids, Fey, Reptilia, Biests, and Insekts. The 1st Age is a time of Fantasy, Medieval, and Early Renaissance where Magic, Monsters, and Warriors fight for survival and dominance.

Create your faction, define your classes, and take them to the battlefield to advance and progress through the 1st Age towards the next modern age.

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