The Adeptus Custodes are up today for an apocalypse preview.

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The Adeptus Custodes are best known for their duty protecting the body of the Emperor on Terra, but they are also an active military force in the galaxy, spreading His will even to the far reaches of the Imperium. But how does that translate to the Apocalypse battlefield? Read on to learn more about the formidable warriors of the Custodian Guard, as well as the Sisters of Silence who form the other half of the fabled Talons of the Emperor.

Play Style

As the most elite of all elite armies, it’s rare to see more than a handful of the Adeptus Custodes on the battlefield at any one time. Apocalypse offers you the opportunity to field more of these mighty golden warriors than ever before!
One of the great strengths of the Adeptus Custodes is their sheer heroism, with each of their number having performed deeds worthy of even the most storied commanders of the Adeptus Astartes – it is with good reason that the Bell of Lost Souls in the Tower of Heroes rings out each time one falls in battle. In Apocalypse, this is represented by their immunity to critical damage, meaning that they will always fight at full power until they are destroyed.
Adeptus Custodes units also benefit from the heaviest armour in the game (being clad in auramite definitely has its perks!), with an average Save characteristic of 4+ – increased to 3+ if they carry storm shields. This enables you to drive them into the heart of the enemy lines, safe in the knowledge that they can handle the worst your opponent can throw at them.
The warriors of the Silent Sisterhood hail from the Agents of the Imperium – a catch-all group that includes a large variety of units, from Rogue Traders to operatives of the Inquisition and Officio Assassinorum. Agents of the Imperium units don’t have a specific Faction ability, though the ProsecutorsVigilators and Witchseekers of the Silent Sisterhood all share the Psychic Abomination ability that can help you to shut down even the most powerful enemy Psykers.

Top Units

Adeptus Custodes: Captain-General Trajann Valoris

As one might expect from one of the mightiest warriors in the Imperium, Trajann Valoris has a formidable profile. However, his greatest strength comes from his skills as a commander and the temporal wisdom he gleans from his Moment Shackle – both of which can play a significant role on the battlefield. This means that he’s an excellent addition to your army even if you decide against getting him stuck in with his Watcher’s Axe, as he’ll still be augmenting nearby units and generating additional Command Assets.

Adeptus Custodes: Vexilus Praetor

Whether you choose to clad your Vexilus Praetor in Terminator armour or not, the Custodes Vexilla they bear hugely augment the hitting power of your nearby units. Gaining an Attack is a significant advantage – especially considering the Attacks characteristic is also used for ranged attacks – and the Adeptus Custodes are well equipped to deliver punishment in melee or at a distance. Keep him within 6” of as many of your units as possible at all times and you’re golden.*

Adeptus Custodes: Vertus Praetors

With a Move of 16” and the ability to Fly (enabling them to effortlessly swoop over intervening terrain and units), your opponent will have nowhere to hide from your Vertus Praetors. If you’re looking to thin the enemy’s ranks, equipping their Dawneagle Jetbikes with hurricane bolters in Rapid Fire range will enable you to churn out some serious firepower. Alternatively, salvo launchers (that fire sleek missiles armed with melta warheads) will turn your Vertus Praetors into exceptional tank hunters, and their Anti-air ability will ensure that they’ll hit even Supersonic Flyers on a 2+!

Sisters of Silence: Vigilators

Vigilators are highly skilled warriors armed with the archetypal executioner greatblades of their order. As melee specialists, Vigilators are well suited to hunting enemy Psykers up-close and personal, where they can put their Psychic Abomination ability to good use before dealing with them on a more permanent basis with the business end of their enormous blades. To that end, it’s worth considering a Null-Maiden Rhino to transport your Vigilators to their target in safety and with even greater speed.

Top Command Assets

The warriors of the Adeptus Custodes are the finest in the galaxy, and the martial skill of those that lead them is without equal in the Imperium. Send Trajann Valoris or a Shield-Captain into melee (preferably with a Vexilus Praetor nearby for a bonus Attack), play Peerless Warrior and prove to your opponent exactly why they have such a fearsome reputation!
Do you like the idea of teleporting an Adeptus Custodes Dreadnought (or one of your other units) across the battlefield straight into the heart of the battle? Well, the advanced technology of the Emperor’s chosen guardians enables you to do just that!
If your opponent has been getting the best of you with their psychic powers, the Sisters of Silence have the answer. Including even a single unit of them in your army unlocks access to an incredibly handy Command Asset that can be used to prevent an enemy psychic power. Well, on any roll but a 1…
Whether it’s the magnificent golden lions of the Adeptus Custodes or the silent (but very violent) Sisters of the Astra Telepathica that take your fancy, you can download their free datasheets right now!

Apocalypse is available to pre-order from June 29th

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