Today we get to talk about on of the more iconic 40k races.... the Tyranids.. Massed armies, huge monstrous creatures.... a lot of goodness here.

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There are few Factions more suited to the kind of warfare exemplified by Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse than the Tyranids – after all, massive planetary invasions are practically part of a balanced and nutritious breakfast for them! Read on to learn more about how they’re going to shape up in Apocalypse, some of their key units and a sneak preview of a few of their Command Assets…

Play Style

Keep your Advance and Assault Markers at the ready, as the Tyranids are one of the most aggressive Factions in Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse. They also have some of the game’s cheapest units in the form of TermagantsHormagaunts and Ripper Swarms, meaning you can field them in enormous numbers and overrun opponent’s forces beneath a tide of clawed bodies (and you’re going to love the new Movement Trays). What’s more, so long as you have a stable network of Synapse Creatures throughout you chittering swarm, your opponent will have to destroy them rather than try to rout them, as they’ll be immune to Morale tests.
The Tyranids also have a horrific array of extragalactic monsters at their disposal – many of which are effective both in melee and at range – providing your army with some brutal hitting power to complement your more numerous swarms. Let’s take a look at three of our favourite gribbly beasts…

Top Units

Hive Tyrant

One of the most flexible units in the Tyranid army, the Hive Tyrant is not only a Synapse Creature that will ensure nearby units stay in the fight, but it has a dizzying array of bio-weapon combinations that can offer you the edge when making anti-personnel or anti-tank attacks either at range or in close combat. For example, the stranglethorn cannon and heavy venom cannon require a mere 4+ to wound personnel or tanks respectively.
You can also equip your Hive Tyrant with wings, upping its Move characteristic from 9” to 16” and enabling it to Fly (and therefore freely move over terrain and intervening units) and Deep Strike to just about anywhere on the battlefield if set up as a Tactical Reserves unit. This flexibility makes Hive Tyrants exceptional choices as Warlords of your Detachments, as you can either equip them for melee to lead an aggressive first wave of Hormagaunts and Gargoyles, or bring up the rear with your heavy hitters, all the while bombarding them with deadly bio-weapons as you advance.


If you’re looking to take the fight to your opponent as early as possible, have your winged Hive Tyrant lead a Detachment backed up by Trygons(who are also able to Deep Strike by burrowing up from below ground), ensuring that they will be within Command Range of the Detachment’s Warlord and in Synapse range as soon as they arrive. Trygons are excellent at slaying infantry – get them stuck into combat, where their 3 Attacks and massive scything talons can be put to deadly use.


Like Hive Tyrants, Carnifexes have access to a number of deadly bio-weapons, but their versatility doesn’t end there – they have a load of options available that allow further specialisation. For example, at the cost of an additional Power Rating for each upgrade, you can take Enhanced Senses – increasing the Carnifex’s BS to 3+ – while Chitin Thorns are great on more aggressive load-outs as they can punish nearby enemy units even as your living battering ram tears through their lines.

Top Command Assets

Tyranid Psykers have a number of nasty psychic powers they can make use of. One of our favourites is Psychic Scream – not only does it have a long range, but it’s a great way of piling up the blast makers on enemy units once combat is joined in earnest, and it’s especially useful against targets with lower Leadership values…
If your units are a bit short of reaching the enemy lines, the Adrenal Glands Command Asset will help you make up the shortfall. Alternatively, if you’re looking to lure your opponent into a trap, try hanging slightly back with three of your units, then use Adrenal Glands to move them into combat once your opponent has committed their units to the fray.
The Tyranid Hive Fleets are hyper-aggressive and fully capable of tearing the heart from an enemy battleline in a single devastating attack. If you want to know more, you can download the PDF of their unit datasheets right now for free and check out their full rules. If you’re looking to load up on all three of our featured Tyranid Monsters – as well as a Tyrannofexor Tervigon besides – be sure to pre-order the Tyranids Spearhead Detachment this weekend.

Apocalypse is available to pre-order from June 29th 

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