Daemons may be appearing out of the warp soon, with some details on what is coming. We have heard they were on their way before, and now the whispers from the warp are claiming finecast screamers, heralds on chariots, and scribes.

These are rumors.....I have also heard that whispers that the Chaos Space Marine codex is being released in August, and that a wave of Daemons would be later in the second half of the month. We don't know for sure, but a few weeks from know we will have the breakdown of what is happening in August. They are whispers only.

via Erazmus_M_Wattle
I've heard a whisper that more Daemons are on the way. We've all heard about new Plague Bearers in plastic. Plastic nurglings have been sighted. Apparently they looke like they're swarming over one another in a sort of wave. Sounds cool.

Not only that. There's more. Finecast screamers. Like the old ones but less manta ray with more tusks. Possibly some more heralds. Not sure if they are plastic or finecast.

Heralds on chariots. The Slaanesh chariot is in the warehouse and it comes with a chariot base as expected for the square basers but may also have the oval for 40k players.

The Scribes have been seen as well. The disc looks like a flying alter and the blue scribes look manic.

The plague bearers have a new look which as you'd expect harks back to the old days.

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