Rumors are rumors, and often times its out of anyone's control, but a select few, on what is released and what is not. So when things are changed around at or near the last minute, it catches everyone by surprise, even those that are supposedly in the know. Exactly all the details on what happened may never be known, but at least here on Faeit 212 we have been given some of the closest bits of information we can get on just exactly "What Happened?". 

Like I have said in the past, (and why I dislike rumor sources being "Held Accountable"), sources give the best information they can at the given time, based on what information they have, and not getting anyone in trouble. So here is the latest on Upcoming Releases.........

via Faeit 212 inbox 
Spoke to                         who confirmed that CSM were dropped for Daemons for August.

Apparently a vocal minority I mentioned previously really wanted to see the releases more spread out than what was initially intended.

There is more to this, but I am not going to discuss business plans or arrangements because of the ramifications.

The daemon models being released have been done for some time, and were intended to be the first thing after Dark Angels.

With that said:
The chaos space marine codex is done and printed.  One person told me that some skids have already been shipped to avoid the bottlenecking from last month, but I have nothing other than their word on that.

Looking at the white dwarf drop box, the directory lists a lot of the articles that were in August's issue now back in for September's scrum meeting, which means that it will be decided upon in the next two weeks.  There are new articles, however, one of which is "painting chaos cultists."

While it would not be normal for the starter to be released without mainstream rules for all the models it contains, it's possible they may do a chaos cultist rules release in the September WD, and then the codex afterwards, but another person I was speaking with suggested that there's a debate right now about releasing the Codex and the Starter at the same time.

There is vehement opposition to releasing the starter set any later than September, so I doubt we'll see September - Chaos, October - Starter.

If anything it will be September - Starter, October - Chaos, or September - Both, with the new Chaos models split between two waves.  Keep in mind, the new MO for releases is for the entirety of a line to be dropped within a 6 week period, so that would leave DA releasing with some shared days of Chaos.

Hope this helps.


  1. So the problem is, it seems, a problem about codices distribution?

    1. I can see distribution being a small part of what we were not told, but its really that some "the vocal minority" wanted releases more spread out than was originally intended.

      In the source's previous bits of information, this vocal minority was mentioned as providing a lot of resistence to such a heavy release schedule over the next few months.

    2. I see. Who knows why? More time between one product and the other to sell something until the new guy around attractes new money? Too much working and little time? Anyway it is a pity I really manted to see the new codex to read it under my beach umbrella in front of the sea.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. The reason GW would want to space out their releases is to prevent sales "spikes" in their financials that they would then have to try to match the following year.

      Being a publicly traded company this is a matter that they are always cognizant of.

      To the average hobbyist it is simple to say, "Oh, they made X amount of money in this quarter last year because they released Space Hulk."

      However, it is difficult to explain to the layperson investor who doesn't know that a Termagant isn't that blue-haired biddy pensioner neighbor that's always giving them the evil eye when they come home late from the pub.

    5. We were all quite ecstatic with our sales results during the "feast" years of the Lord of the Rings game releases.

      Decidedly less so in the following "famine" years.

  2. "Apparently a vocal minority I mentioned previously really wanted to see the releases more spread out than what was initially intended."

    It makes me laugh to think that some people imagine that the current GW release schedule is TOO FAST.
    Daemons would have been better along with a new codex. Yes, I wait for greater daemons models that are plastic, but whats the point of releasing those with no new codex and next to no new models?
    All 4 gods have plastic troops now, the only other big unit missing are tittyhorses.

    1. I think WD Codices are going to be better in future. Perhaps in 2013 we are going to see the Ecclesiarchy/imperial Codex (with sisters of battle, arbites and priesthood troops... perhaps asking too much).

    2. Seconded, the idea that the release schedule has been too fast is ludicrous.

    3. If you ask me, from a former analyst's POV, it makes complete and perfect sense to go with daemons next, this will allow the current pattern of WHFB then 40k releases to stay intact, because they can release a new updated 6th ed. dex along side with an updated WHFB army book in the same month, whcich allow another 40k release the following month. Their release patterns very rarely change, and thus far I have been very close to the mark on many assessments I made about it.

  3. Ya know...I have been reading this blog multiple times a day for the last few weeks, and will continue into the future. I just wanna say, "Thank you, Natfka!" Being able to daydream and plan and scheme about upcoming releases has been a bright spot in my day for a while now. Everytime a new bit of "rumor" comes out, we all tend to freak out like little kids on Christmas morning. It cracks me up sometimes when I read posts by people freaking out about the little plastic spacemen we all enjoy. So again, please do not ever think that the rumor mill is a thankless job. Good or bad, we all love every exciting/agonizing minute of it. You Rock.

  4. Drop box? Scrum? I have no clue that GW is that cool.

  5. Whoever pushed that development must be a colossal asshat:
    "Yeah, let's slow down our releases EVEN MORE. Also, let's put Daemons BEFORE the new Chaos Codex that will make people get more daemonic allies. That is another surefire way of garnering the love of our customers. While we're at it, delay half the releases of Chaos Marines until interest in the codex has waned and people are no longer buying on impulse, lets say febuary. Brilliant. Now pass the cocain."

  6. Natfka, thanks for the info as always, as to all the people that KEEP whining about how "GW keeps screwing up!" they have their reaons for releasing in the order they are, they might not be ones we like but they are reasons and we have to live with it, another 30-45 days on Chaos isn't going to kill anyone...

  7. I warned you guys bout delays. And was right about csm being the only codex


    1. I really wouldn't say that this is something you should be proud about. Here we were all hoping for a ramped up schedule, girding our wallets and preparing our paintbrushes, and you're happy that we now have to wait longer and get less out of GW just to say that you were right about something? Congrats, you were right, now get out.

  8. Does this mean that the Fliers (Tau, et al) are off the table for August? Seems so...

    1. The anon a few posts below listed 4 plastics and some finecast. That can be one wave, and the flyers another, following GW's standard every-two-weeks-a-release pattern.

    2. Balls, ignore me.

      This is from Warseer. It's not looking good.

    3. Hmmm that is interesting New vs relaunch does the mean some new models??? Also most $60 for Exalted seeker chariot of slannesh WOW.

  9. I like that little hint about DA dropping in November :)

    The fact that they are doing Daemons in August rather than CSM absolutely boggles my mind. Is there a WD codex release to make them hip enough for 6th? Is it simply to spite the internets who were certain about CSM in August?

    I guess the most reasonable idea, thinking about it, is that GW has a whole bunch of plastics sitting on shelves, and they want to move the flyers while the flyer rules are new and shiny (and before anti-flyer weapons are truly released in actual 6th ed codices). Releasing all of CSM blocks out a decent-sized chunk of time, squeezing money away from flyer purchases. By delaying CSM, they are able to tidy up on Flyer sales and clear inventory space away from the Daemon plastics. The question, then, is whether there is a WD update for said Daemons, Flyers, both, or neither. I hope both, but flyers will be mandatory.

    Is my reasoning at all sound? Have I learned to think like a GW businessman?

    1. Apparently the next WD will include info on some new units and updated rules. It's been described as a 'leaflet'. Hopefully that will bring Daemons into the fold.

      Now, your logic would be right during a different year. 6th edition just released and they're not releasing enough fliers to warrant a delay in order to capitalize on flier sales. New fliers aren't being released in August either, and there's not enough room in the schedule until some time in September for that, which is when the Starter Box will be released. Only then may we see fliers, but then CSM would be right on the heels of that in October. Hopefully October is really the latest that we'll see CSM. If they push it back farther... ugh. Well, it's going to be a Black Christmas when Hobbit BS takes precedence over CSM.

  10. There is still a descent ammount of Daemons that need Updating.

    current rumour for August is plastics for:


    it was also rumoured a while back about plastic Furies and a Model for The Blue Scribes.

    then i assume most if not all of the remaining metal stuff will be moved to Finecast.

    anyway we shall find out whats what soon enough.

    Also i think CSM's and the starter set in the same month would be the best option!

    1. Not to forget about the old greater daemon models that really show their age and are more goofy then inspiring fear into players.

    2. Sorry Karg... do not see it, DA for November. If august is Daemons, more likely CSM in one month, Starter set one month, flyers one month then that's December, which is hobbit.

      Will stick for DA for new year

    3. Though hope I am wrong :)

  11. It would be extremely retarded NOT to at least release the csm dex either before or at the same time as the starter set. I know many csm players (myself included ) will buy the set, but not without a new dex to fully utilize the models. I'm thinking fallen angel kit bashing for the Dark Angels in the set.

    1. Flyers for the rest of the races would have been a far better move than daemons. But alas, if you want flyers get an allied detachment. Money money money. :'(

    2. agreed, chaos codex and starter set. if GW is worried we'll not have the cash on hand if they do it announce it a month early so we can squirral away some money

    3. Either allied detachment, or you can be like me and tell your opponents to leave their flyers at home :-)
      So far that tactic has worked fairly well, and until g w pulls their heads the playing field, I dont see any reason to give in or pay for any summer homes for g w execs

  12. I've been very clear with my store owner I'm not spending a cent until the new codex is released, I urge ALL CSM players to adopt this stance, most certinly do NOT buy the new demons GW seems to wanna push at us first. with any luck that clear signal will make them do a double sept release

    1. Now buying those models will not speed up the csm codex. I can guarantee it they wont change their corporate plans because some people are being pissy. Just wait man.

    2. Thats nice ill be buying a bunch of new plague bearers for my DG army :P

    3. I'm a daemon player and am quite happy im getting more daemons. Why do people believe that what they want is what everyone else also wants. Be patient, whats a couple of months? Most people I know done even have a solod grasp on the new rules why add more new rules amomth later? Meh thats my worthless 2 cents.

  13. LOL Norrikan. I assume some at GW would worry about dropping the main rule book, then having to get the Chaos codex, starter set, and more models, or flyers or terrain - that's just too much for people to afford and they need time to digest rules and paint, etc. One codex needs to be first, but I wouldn't be upset leaving two pay checks between dropping the first codex after the main rulebook. Just don't delay the consequent codices though!

  14. Something to consider with release of Daemons first is that it will benefit the WHFB community as well. 40k isn't their only game system afterall.

  15. When it comes down to it, I'll be happy no matter what. I'm down a great deal to hear that CSM will be postponed for what I would use as Allies, but it is what is. I own several armies, but Chaos is my first love. I'm OK with the possibility that I will hate this codex later down the road. However, when it is first, in my hands, Ill rejoice and sing it's praises. :-)

  16. I'm too iffy aout what the csm codex will bring to invest money in the daemons, i have enought to field an allied detachment and i'm not going to blow money on an "allied" army that i may need for daemon engines and dragon fliers. As it stands they have effectively reduced my revenue stream to zero until they put out csm.

  17. Ha ha, I've finally figured out GW's business strategy:
    Wait for interest in an army wane.
    Wait additional 12 months just to be certain.
    Start designing new models.
    36 months later finish majority of new models.
    Ship new models to be warehoused.
    Wait 12 months
    Start developing and playtesting the codex to sell the new models.
    2 weeks later write codex.
    Wait 0 - 48 months for an "ideal" release window that will not generate too much of a revenue spike for that applicable fiscal period. (cause their will be hell to pay if the board of directors see a huge bonus one year, and not the same amount next year...)
    Delay next 2 armies codexes as there is no more warehouse space.
    Raise prices for all hobbyists living down under.
    Raise prices for everyone else.
    Cut material and shipping cost by introducing a new resin (not fully tested for mass production)
    Savings recognized from new resin completely erased by replacing defective models and saturating a few key markets with so many GW stores that they compete with each other.
    Print codex.
    3 months later release new army and some of the new models (depending on warehouse space availability).
    Trickle release the remaining models to "level off" any projected revenue shortfalls.
    Rinse and repeat.
    Finish codex

    1. Looks right to me.

    2. Yeah they are bracing themselves for the release of the hobbit!! They can't afford to have a feast/famine thing again... damn lord of the rings!

  18. sooo, who do i thank exactly for not getting my chaos codex faster ? *sharpening blades*

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