I do enjoy these videos from Games Workshop. I often find myself saying, "wow, I really like that one". We get to see a lot of early pics, and they do not often do the models justice, and I feel like these videos are really our first good look at them. Enjoy.

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Warhammer Advance Orders

via White Dwarf Daily
The Realm of Chaos is a land of nightmares where only the most powerful survive, be they mortal warriors snared by promises of power and glory, or the warped monsters that are born there.


  1. I don't know about the rules but those models are phenomenal! Combined with the last wave of WD insert Chaos Warrior cavalry this is a really exciting army now. Hopefully, they toned down the rules a tad so they're not an auto win army now.

    Also, whether I play them or not, I'll most definitely be picking up a box of the Forsaken to kitbash some Daemonhosts for my Radical Ordo Malleus army!

  2. Rumor is Forsaken are core now, so I imagine they had a big price drop. In the current book they are Special and about 18 points a body, which just isn't worth it for what they do (in my opinion). For the same cost (or a little extra) you could take Chosen. That said, I'm hoping they don't guy Chosenstar too badly.

    But honestly, I'm not prepared to pay 70 AUD for 10 Forsaken...

  3. I like THESE videos, but do they really need the half-assed sound effect with every title card?

  4. I am liking the Vilitch and Mutalisk models a hell of a lot. They might even be a Tzeentch themed WOC army in my future. Although £50 for the mutalisk/slaughterbeast kit is pretty steep! I can alnost get one and a half stonehorns for that (I play ogre kingdoms atm) !


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