This week we finally had the answers to what is next regarding February, and very much were able to sort through the chaos and get down what looks like a solid timeline for the next few months. Not to mention there was a little bit of drama here, alongside myself getting a ton of work on models.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

I have tried moderating. Tried reasoning, and marking trolls as spam. So this week I may have went a little bit over the top in shutting down the comments completely. I slept on it, and hopefully asking people to be registered to comment will work.

For the most part the comments section has been very good, and I have enjoyed it as a discussion as a continuation of each post. From now on, if moderation is needed, it will be much easier to remove a person's presence from the site and mark them as spam.

I appreciate all the emails sent in about the subject. I do apologize, as I was not able to respond to all of them.

Whats Next
What is next is always one of the biggest questions. The way I see it, from information sent in to me the schedule looks like this over the next few months.

*Warriors of Chaos - February
*Chaos Daemons/ Daemons of Chaos - March
*Flyer Wave - April
*May/June - Tau
*Summer - 40k Supplement
*Q3/4 - Eldar

This is the current pulse of the rumor mill, but remember above all else, rumors are rumors.

With so many overwhelming projects on my tables, I will be really digging down and getting several of these done. Both for my own hobby, and for the site.

Hobby wise,
Imperial Guard: Painting Conscripts Characters
Grey Knights: Painting Warrior Acolytes
Dark Eldar; A lot of work on raider/ravager conversions
Dark Age: Painting two warbands

For anyone that has not watched this series, I highly recommend it. I am just finishing the fist season, and its been remarkable. The best part about it, is the brutality of the plot. Not just the scenes, but the entirety of it is very raw. The plot lines will keep going, as its not just a simple linear story.

About 90% of shows or movies are incredibly easy to predict after the first half of the film. And if they are not, the writers are pulling things out of their butts and leading you by the nose. So its a rare show whos story is compelling, exciting, and really entertains. Spartacus is one of those shows.

I am just shy of finishing up the first season, so I hope it can continue its momentum. Now, of course I am going to say that it falls just shy of Games of Thrones, but Spartacus is definitely a must see.


  1. So are these conscript squads going to be used as allies or their primary detacthment

  2. Spartacus is amazing if you can deal with not only the gore, but the male and female nudity. It's also worth saying that the lead role of Spartacus is played by a different man in season two due to the untimely death of the original actor. New season (3) premieres 1/25 on 'Starz!'.

    Game of Thrones is arduous viewing, simply impossible to watch if you do not connect with the characters and plot. Many friends have given up viewing due to its inherently boring nature. I personally love it and view it as a masterpiece.

  3. I think you were justified in taking down the comments. I fear letting it go much longer would have led to youtube-quality input.

  4. Hi, I'm glad the comment thread is open again. I do find it to be one of the best things about this blog.

    I'm not a big fan of Spartacus, I do find it a little trashy, but I think that's something which HBO does to decent series. The GoT books themselves are very sexual in places, but the way HBO has elaborated on that, I don't find particularly necessary. Makes it excruciatingly embarrassing in places; maybe that's just my hurt British sensibilities.

    1. I disagree, I don't think Game of Thrones ever felt sexual for the sake of being sexual, I found even the sex scenes in the series to be character building and give good insight in to the nature of the characters, such as Theon Greyjoy.

  5. "able to sort through the CHAOS"... This tickle anyone else? :P
    It's a shame the comments went out of hand, but at least it gave people like me the kick up the backside to register somewhere.

  6. Awhile back when you posted the 2013 schedules there was a Lizardmen release placed in July.

    I know you primarily get 40k info but have you heard anything about this? I'm really looking forward to new Lizardmen models (ok, mostly I'm just desperately hoping for Skinks that rank up nicely, but other new models wold be fun!).

  7. The quality of comments has definitely increased with the change... hence actually posting instead of lurking ;)

    Only seen the last episode of the second season of Spartacus... after seeing so many old-school Roman movies it was really weird to suddenly have everyone swearing as much as possible, but overall it was entertaining.

  8. Really looking forward to the WOC releases. Got enough put aside for a batallion in case they change up any of the models contained within. I was going to buy one the other day but then remembered that WOC could be getting an update next month XD. Happy day!

  9. Yeah, I tried commenting before after it was said I could, and my registered account wouldnt work. Not sure if this will or not. If it does, I am very glad you brought back comments. I would hate it if they were stopped because soo much information comes out of them.

  10. I loved the first season of Spartacus: great story, great characters, great action. The "over the top" visual style was really entertaining too. I haven't tried season 2 yet because I have a hard time imagining someone else playing the lead character. Also not sure it would stay interesting outside of the gladiator school (which seems weird to say).

    Kinda wish Daemons wasn't coming up next - I think Tau or something else would be more interesting. Daemons have always felt a little out of place to me in 40K (they seem fine in fantasy) for some reasons and it also strangely feels like they had an update recently even though that may not be the case. Tau would have been so much cooler.

  11. I'm quite tempted by a smallish Daemon force if I can use the same minis for both 40k & Fantasy as I don't currently play fantasy.

    The tester games I have played o fantasy I've quite enjoyed though

    Glad the comments are back too!

  12. Spartacus was great, but the replacement actor didnt live up to the standards of the original in season 3.

  13. No new Space Marine codex rumors yet? :-(

  14. Hey Natfka,

    If you like Spartacus, Galeforce 9 (who also do some good terrain for 40k) have made a really good board game of Spartacus, which is well worth playing.

  15. Spartacus struggles because it wants to be high-brow but thanks to the violence and adult content stands very much in the nerdy fanboy genre. Saying that I really enjoy it, and if you can get past the blastant 300 wannabe shots it's got plenty of thrills and considerably more spills to enjoy. The toughest thing in the new series is the replacement of Spartacus after Andy Whitfields untimely death.

    Meanwhile if you want something of a slightly more high-brow nature, of the same theme, that's still got the violence and adult content - Rome was an awesome series.

    1. Rome was great! Spartacus never quite hooked me though...


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