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Pics of the Week: Artist Spotlight-Beckjann

Pics of the Week are back and what a way to get them going for the new year than starting off with on of my favorite artists for Dark Eldar... Beckjann. His artwork for Dark Eldar are nothing short of amazing, and we have featured him before. I have picked out my favorites, but by all means, there are a ton more pics of his artwork on his deviantart page. A link is included.
All the artwork in this feature is done by Beckjann, please support him by visiting his site.

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  1. Must... Resist...
    I don't need another army! Nooo!
    Very nice artwork. I've just bookmarked the link to check out later.
    Thanks Natfka and Beckjann!

  2. You devian tart you.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Say what you will against GW, but when they finally remade Dark Eldar they did a fantastic job!

  5. off topic

    rules leak in i belive spanish?

    can someone translate for all?

    1. Here's the jist of it all, although it's all over Warseer at the moment:
      - The special rule "Inner Circle" gives hatred against Chaos Space Marines and Courage.
      - The table of Warlord includes options to increase the turboboost of bikes, +1 / -1 to the roll of reserves etc...
      - Belial can change their weapons as before. And yes, he does make Terminators troops.
      - Sammael makes RW bikes troops as, also.
      - Azrael gains +2S and AP3 for his sword. makes both RW and DW troops.
      - No specific psychic Dark Angels. Ezekiel has a power that is S4 AP 2, D3 shots, I believe.

      Deathwing Knights
      - +1 To their Toughness if they are base to base.

      Land Speeder Revenge
      - The Plasma Storm Battery is S7 AP2, 3 small blast or 1 large blast.

      Land Speeder Shroud (80 pts)
      - Has the dark rule, which gives +2 to it's cover save.
      - A 6 "units gain Stealth.

      Ram Ravenwing
      - Rift Cannon: Strength 5, AP-, blast, blindness.

      Nephilim (about 150/160 pts) According to Warseer 180.
      - Avenger Mega Bolter: Strength 6, AP4, heavy 5
      - Missiles : Strength 6, AP4
      - Unrelenting Hunter: Allows exchanging a result of the enemy weaponry destroyed by an immobilized result.

      Black Knights Ravenwing (126 unit 3)
      - Hammer Corvus: Strength +1, AP-, Rending.
      - Plasma Talons 18" plasma guns.

      Command Squad Ravenwing.
      - Same points as the Black Knights.

      Ravenwing (80 points a unit of 3)

    2. thx :)

      want to add we allready know from WD

      termis are 220
      5 for TH/SS

      DKs are 235 and have
      inner circle
      strike down
      DW assault
      you can not hide
      fortress of shield

    3. Belial is 190 points, the Deathwing Upgrade to Landraiders makes them Venerable. Kinda of cool I guess, depends on how much, does make them seem much more, well venerated...

    4. Whirlwind does NOT get AA
      Tac & Dev squads can have AA Missilelaunchers... prob same cost as CSM
      110 for Dev Squad with all Multimelta

    5. the S10 Ap1 attack of the DKs seams to be some sort of grenade (worse meltabomb)... 1 Attack per model once per game :(

    6. I'll believe that when I see it - there Wargear doesn't show a grenade, of any kind. I'm gonna say it's a special rule, and AP2.

    7. in WD (on page 64) it talked about
      "Schmetterladung"... in english: clangor-charge
      sounds like a grenade to me! :/

      and it goes on to say S10 AP2 once per game

      at the points of 235 its unlikely that you will get full Attacks & no drawback besides the once per game thing

      guess we will have to wait and see
      but the above leak doesn´t make me hope for much good in this dex

    8. It says "when they activated Smite mode their weapons become s10 AP2 for a turn". That sounds like a special rule to me...

    9. in german WD it says "use" instead of activate

      hope more info is leaked soon

  6. Cool artwork. Will definitely visit his site.