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Models Done: Howler and Abomination

I started off with a couple of the biggest models I have for Dark Age. The Brood Howler and the Skarred Abomination. While I am currently working on more, I plan on getting these two factions (about 500pts) complete, before heading out to my next project.

As you can tell, I still have bases to do.

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  1. Definitely liking your Howler, is that vegetation part of the model or did you add it yourself?

    1. I added the vegetation. The Brood originate from deep swamps so I wanted to add that to the model. If I can find my water, I will have ooze dripping off of it as well.

  2. I was kind of iffy on the models at first, but this made me make a complete 180. These are fantastic.

  3. That Howler is gorgeous, m8. Love the effect you got on the skin. Very well done.

  4. Both are awesome! I like the vegitation on the Howler.

  5. Indeed Lichen usually looks so obviously Lichen but in this case the scale works really well and it adds considerably to the 'Swamp Thing' vibe.