Warriors of Chaos are out only in  a few short days, and with that I was digging to find a good round up of what is expected for the release. So here it is, a compilation for the upcoming army book, Warriors of Chaos.

Please remember that some of this is updated from the White Dwarf, but is all still to be taken with at least a little salt until the arm book in actually in your hands.

via Vyslav  on Warseer
WoC in Feb
Looks like WoC are going to be coming in Feb.

UPDATED with info from WD - thanks to wamphyri101 for consolidating these.

Advance Orders 26th January for release on the 2nd of Feb

New stuff:

New Book
Magic Cards

Lord Model

Dragon Ogres
Gorebeast Chariot/ Chariot

Mutalith Vortex Beast

Teaser Video:


Stuff we know from White Dwarf:

Forsaken are a core choice. Forsaken are M6 and D3+1 A. Has it's own D6 chart. One result is ASF.

Chaos Knights now buy enscrolled weapons as an upgrade

WILL OF CHAOS is not listed beneath lords, heroes, knights etc. Only eye of the gods

Mutalith has a bound spell ranged 18’’
Seems it does a toughness test (model/unit?) and there is chances of chaos spawns being produced

Marauders did not seem to have marks

Slaughter beast is a rare choice and is a bound monster. It is bound to your lord and can have the lords WS.

Gorebeast chariot is T6 5W. high Armour save (2+?). It has KB even on Impact hits. Slower than a normal chariot

Dragon Ogres are on 50 x 75mm bases

Two book items are:
chalice of chaos
soul feeder gift


marked casters can choose a different lore or stick with their mark:

Tzeentch: Lore of Metal
Slaanesh: Lore of Shadow
Nurgle: Lore of Death

Sig Spell:
Tzeentch is Blue fire. 24" D6 SD6 MM.

Slaanesh is Lash of slaanesh. 24" straight line form the base in forward arc of the caster. Every model under the line receives S3 AP hit.

Nurgle Sig spell is a Template. You place breath tempalte at the base of the caster.
All models beneath are forced to test T or suffer 1 W with no AS.

Nurgle Attribute is that on a succsessful cast roll a D6. On roll of 6 the casters T an W are both increased by 1 to the end of the game.

Slaanesh Attribute is for every wound caused by a spell, roll a D6. if a 6 is rolled the caster recieves +1ws/+1A/+1I

Tzeentch Attribute is for every 6 rolled on a successful cast, that caster recieves an additional PD. But only that caster can use the additional dice


  1. Thanks for posting mate! I for one can't wait for the new book!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Minor annoyance, One aspect of Nurgle in the lore is that he's a god of plentiful life.

    In Nurgle's case, the source of power is the living's fear of inevitable death and disease, and their unconscious response to that fear, which is the "power of life", the motivating power of mankind and other races.]


    Giving him the lore of Death is kind of anti-fluff. Thanks for the info! Now back to wondering if I should go with horses or gorebeast for the chariot...

    1. But that's one, teensy weensy aspect of Nurgle. He was always be recognized by most as the lord of pestilence, decay, and death.

      Besides, "Lord of Death" is a whole lot easier to use in-game than "Occasionally Aspect Deity of Plentiful Life."

    2. Haha ok good point, but now you got me wanting to focus my army on an "Occasionally Pro-Life" warrior theme.

    3. Every weeping sore, gangrenous wound, or flesh eating virus is a potential Nurgling! I will not rest until draining blisters and sterile medical equipment is illegal. It's killing unborn Deamons!

  4. I'am really hoping that 1) Ensorcelled Weapons aren't rediculously overpriced for knights and 2) That marauders not having access to marks is a typo/over-sight. Otherwise I'am going to have about 60 Marauders that I'll probably never use :/.

  5. Do we know what mutalith vortex beast does?

  6. Word on the street is that point adjustments will render this codex balanced, and not overpowered, like it is now. I for one am thankful for that since I'm on the receiving end of many WoC armies.

    1. I don't know... from what I've read Chosen remain the same (albeit with price increases on halberds etc like Warriors) and the Warshrines got buffed. So unless they gutted Eye of the Gods, OR the rule Chosen have that interact with it, Chosenstar is still busted.

  7. Got my eye on a possible tzeentch army in the future so will keep a close eye on this release!

  8. Wonder how the points costs for units will be hope warriors don't go up in price. Also enscrolled weapons being and upgrade is something i am not looking forward too :(

  9. I'm torn between what I want to do. Would be fun to try and make a Cavalry/Chariot army and see if it works, but I'm also tempted to finally do a Throgg army.


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