There has a been a lot of talk about the Sisters of Battle and what is going on with them. All the speculation and rumors cover the entire map of possibilities. If Sisters of Battle become a white dwarf army without a codex, it will truly be sad. However, the run of the mill is saying that this is just temperary, and that a full release is coming.

Don't forget the salt

via MadCowCrazy
Why WD update? Rumour is that the Necrons were delayed, they were scheduled for September but due to being pushed back there was now an empty 40k slot that needed filling. As the Sister were still in mid production and playtesting they decided to put the rules they had written so far into a WD split over 2 issues.

The WD rules may or may not be final but will most likely not contain the rules for any new units other than henchmen though most of them are just copy paste from the GKs updated versions of them (aka Death Cult, Arco, probably Crusaders and throw in the minor ordos as well with Hospitallers, Dialogus etc).

As for models I would not expect us to get anything Sister specific as that would be counter productive as that leaves no models for the real codex release early next year.

What we might get though are finecast Arcos, Death Cult and the rest of the GK Henchmen that may be used in both dexes.

A failcast Canoness or other HQ could be expected but I personally doubt it, there is no reason for GW to provide anything for the Sisters players yet.

As for when the real dex comes out you can expect plastic Sisters, Repentia, Priest and Penitent Engines. Probably some new kit as well or we might just get the a Sister specific Valkyrie or some such. Failcast Exorcist might rear an ugly head but there arn't really any rumours about this unit yet.

This is all we have so far to go on, we should get the first WD rules leaks at the end of next week or the week after. Until then all we can do is wait.


  1. As soon as I saw the word "Failcast" I lost respect for the person and am disregarding these as wish-listing.

  2. Yea, I thought the same thing and considered editing it. However, I just left it as is.

  3. I just want to see the dang WD list. I can't believe we're only about a month out and there have been no details of what is in there yet.

  4. I have seen a number of finecast models in person, and they were stunning. Agreed that the poster should not be taken seriously. The info might still be accurate, though.

  5. If you read his post you can see he's clearly speculating

  6. What I did was answer a question about what's up with the Sisters.
    Basically I just put all the current rumours together so that people got get a better idea on the current situation.
    I compile rumours, I dont provide them unless it's from Games Day UK.

    As for fine cast I have seen quite a few of them, most have been good but there has also been bubbles large enough to make the model unsellable. Models that were made for finecast like the haemonculi were awesome and I've not seen problems with them but the old models recut into finecast has had allot of problems.

    I only refer to failcast in regards to the sisters and here is why. If they remake the current Sisters models into finecast that will be a huge slap in the face. Sisters are far from a supported army, in fact it's the least supported army in 40k in regards to supplements.
    Heck with the Battlemissions book they took the mission from the WH codex called "Defend the Shrine" and turned it into a SM mission.

    The problem with the Sisters is price point, it's one of the most expensive armies to get into, if they make the models into finecast would they really lower the prices? I can't think of a single instance where GW has lowered their prices but I could be wrong.

    When you have to spend £100+ for a single HQ and 2 Troop choices with a basic special weapon something is seriously wrong.
    If they turn the models into finecast we can expect a 10-25% increase in price on top of this.
    They could put the models into boxes of 5-10 Sisters but with the rumoured plastic 5 Sisters box that wouldn't make sense... so it's something GW would do.

    Finecast is said to be "the best miniatures in the world" and when I have to pay the prices they demand I damn well expect them to be, it's just that currently you have to spend allot of time trying to figure out the flaws in the blister you are holding. Not to mention the flaws you may not see until you open it, since the blister are not resealable it means that are not resellable as new once opened even if all you did was check for flaws.

    Nothing I post should ever be taken as solid facts, it's just my own speculation based on the rumours that are floating around and that post is a summary of the current rumours.

  7. Oh yeah, I think the price in Australia was around £180 for 1 Canoness and 2 10 Sister troops with VSS and special weapons...

    So £200+ if they get the finecast treatment...

    I dont know about you but I'd call that a serious FAILCAST!

  8. GW takes faulty Finecast models back without a problem, give you a new one if they have one, and a refund if they don't. Remember, were still seeing the first production wave of Finecast models, no surprise that the production process isn't perfect yet. I mean, compare the old metal models to the last ones they released, world of difference there too. I wouldnt be too quick to dub it 'failcast'. Also, all the Finecast boxed sets that are out now are turning out to be a lot cheaper per fieldable squad than the metal models were.

  9. i think the cron delay is due to finecast problems :D

    i agree with all of this. SoB WD dex only to sell of metal stock. New ful dex will ofc come some day... but i do dought it will be soon... more likelly 5 years from now. BAs and SWs need a new dex much more :D

  10. @madcowcrazy check this guys vids on DE

    not everybody gets ok models :(

  11. People know here that I am all about the information, and like to stay away from any drama. I read all the time how a good post turns into nothing but a flame, whine session, and just people venting (which is sometimes a good thing that GW hears this as well)

    The rumor is a good one, which is why it was posted. MadCowCrazy gave us a good set that is logical and makes sense, and I hope that what he gave us here comes to pass.

    As for Failcast wording, I was tempted to edit it because of topic derailment and possibility of the post turning into a bitching session. However, we generally do not have that problem here on this site, and MadCowCrazy deserves not to be edited, so I left it.

    I was going to go into a 4th of July, this is America with freedoms of speech thing, but it started to slip into the melodratic. So I edited it.

  12. Indeed. What has finecast quality to do with any SoB rumours? Two totally different topics. If people feel inclined to dismiss entire rumours just because the poster doesn't like finecast, then ... well, doesn't feel very objective, I guess?

    The idea of an early WD 'dex being supposed to help sell off any remaining SoB metals before the proper book and plastic minis hit the shelves sounds quite clever.


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