It seems that everyone has their look ahead at what 6th edition will bring us. The last few have been rather speculative, and at times appearing to be more wishlisting than anything. This one is no different. If you are looking for a better grip on reality, follow the link here for previous 6th edition rumors: 6th Edition Rules, otherwise, grab your wizards hat and look deep into the aether at the following.

 Please grab a ton of salt here, and better yet, call in a dump truck full of it.

6th ed prediction's.
well it's been a while since i heard from some of my buddy's in gw and was quite surprised to hear from one or to that what i had predicted for 6th ed is also what they have been hearing on the jungle drums in gw hq, sooooo i thought i would share what i said back then ( 6 or 7 months ago ) again just before i begin this is not 100% set in stone but from what i have been i told i am meant to be very near the mark.

September should see the release of a rather special box set for Bloodbowl! including a plastic arena!

at some point next year there is meant to be a few drop downs from forge world to gw in the shape of a warhound titan or thunderhawk plus some other goodies,

then on to the new books, chaos will get a book for each of the 4 powers to expand there ranks, and there will be a set of book ( codexes ) to enable you to create your own individual legion for both loyal and traitor's. as well as a host of new models to create the new ranges as well.

with chaos getting more powerful there needs to be some thing else to level the playing field, soooooo fingers crossed there will be a couple of primarchss returning (Volken any one!!!! ) and it will be the year of the fliers! yes lots of flying machines.......... speaking of machines there is another race or 2 that could well be making an appearance, Mechanius!!!. well i'll leave it at that, although i did here that ultramar is meant to brake away? oh well let me no what you think :):victory:Games Workshop (the people who have all your money) 

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