This week I was going to run Pics of the Week: Cosplay. I had been finding several good pics of a cosplay event in China, and let me tell you, they really know how to show it off.

Then I found that one of the new blogs to the BlogExchange " Miniature Miscellany" had a video of the event I was trying to find more pics to. So credit goes to Andrew for really knowing how to dig those videos out of youtube. So I posted the video of the event, as well as more cosplay pics this week for the Pics of the Week post. The second video I dug up later.

For those new here, Pics of the Week happen every Tuesday where I share from my Warhammer pic library. I collect these all the time from all over, and sharing them is just fun. 

Nice videos, and following are some other pics, including a guy with a Valkryie at the end.


  1. which on the first picture is space marine...?

  2. The aircraft one looks a little fakie, the other costumes were great.

  3. Yes the guy in the second video has a working ChainSword!

  4. Crazy. I lived in China and Japan for that matter. And generally when I did the only people who played were ex-Pats, GIs in Japan, and their friends. In Japan they like Gundum and historical stuff, they were always an edition or so behind, but now GW packages everything with Japanese on the box/blister.

    China I always doubted because it is knockoff central and GW feuded with Poland a long time over that, now Poland produces some of the best painters in the World so it is good to see cool stuff coming out of China hobby wise.

  5. Dang that's some hardcore Cosplay lol. Nice Terminator Armour.

  6. The first picture, with the BA space marine was probably taken outside the original US battle bunker when it was located off Ordnance rd in Glen Burnie, MD. Forget what we used to call him though, I haven't been there in several years since I moved from the area.


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