There are a few more Faq's that came out that effect our Dark Eldar. While most of these really are as we were playing them, it is still wise to know what they are.

Most of what effects Valkryies and Vendettas, also effects our Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighters and Voidraven Bombers.

First off. If in reserve, get your model onto the board, as any model not making it onto the board during its movement is destroyed. This is not an issue with our fast moving vehicles and is more for Valkryies and Storm Ravens, but it is important that your remember this rule. This faq ruling was from a previous one, but is a good reminder.

Q: Are a Vehicles wings considered to be part of its hull.
A: Yes

This was a no brainier really, and should of been how your were playing. Although I have heard arguments many ways.

Q: What part of a skimmer on a large oval flying base is used to determine if it is in/on terrain or if it is on friendly or enemy models?
A: Just the Base itself

Yes, you can have those wings over top of your own models, or enemy models. This is how people should of been playing, but a lot of people called RAW as nothing can be under the models extremities.

Q: Can you ram a skimmer on a large oval flying base?
A: yes, you have make contact with either the base or the hull.

This was pretty simple, please do not forget you get a 3+ roll to dodge the incoming tank. If you successfully dodge, neither vehicle suffers damage and the ramming tank stops in its tracks.

Q: If a skimmer on a large flying oval flying base is wrecked, and its base is completely surrounded by enemy models, are all embarked models killed?
A: Yes

This one does not effect Dark Eldar, but I thought I would include it anyhow. As you might be the one surrounding the enemy Valkrie's base.

Q: When does Justicar Thawn count as killed for the purpose of rules like Power from Pain?
A: The first time he is reduced to 0 wounds after he has left his unit.

Normally for most units in the game, besides Justicar Thawn, you can only gain your pain token when the unit is completely removed from play (like Necron units). This is something that Dark Eldar players need to know. Many players will not remind you of this in tournament play.

If you know of more of the new FAQ's that directly effect the Dark Eldar that I missed, please feel free to help the community and mention them below in the comments.

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