This is a model I have had sitting around now for far too long. In fact I've had two of them primered and ready to be painted for well over a year now. A wild hair and some paint time, and one is now complete. So here it is, the first of my someday to be three Colossus Siege Mortar.

As with all my Heavy Support Artillery and Hydras, the gun and platform slide out so that they are all interchangeable. So yes, I have 9 Basilisk hulls that I can interchange out the conversions. So Hydras, Colossus, Basilisks, Medusas, and Deathstrike, (the types I currently have built) are all ready to change out for whatever I feel like throwing down.

Here are some pics of the Colossus.

Next up, to finish my Grotesques for Dark Eldar.

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