Well, I have both, they are the last two codex's, and are all the rage. Make an appearance at the local flgs, and just count how many of the first I was marine/  then vulkan/ then space wolf/ then blood angel/ then grey knight players there are. Within a year they will more than likely be Templar. They find something that is really cool about the new codex, and there you have it, that is what they are playing with their grey army.

I have no issue with these players, in fact, they do us quite a good service. That is, they help us learn and adapt to the latest "in" army. Not only that, but they are having a tremendous amount of fun, which is good for the hobby. So yes all you new players, go marines, and adapt your army until you find something you really like. Then settle down please, and choose a codex.

So now that the Dark Eldar are no longer the "latest" thing, how many of players of Dark Eldar are there. Well, a good number of them are Craftworld Eldar players that do not like their codex and are waiting.

So in reality Dark Eldar numbers are dwindling as we speak. (the same can be said for Blood Angels). I still enjoy seeing and talking to people that are dark eldar players, so I think there will always be Dark Eldar players for some time now. The problem with it of course, is it is a hard codex.

I think the following codex's are hard. I mean they are hard to learn the ins and outs to come up with a very solid list.
Dark Eldar
Tyranids (were did they all go?)
Blood Angels

Amongst the easy codex's to play.
Space Marines
Imperial Guard
Grey Knights

I really think Space Wolves fall into the middle ground. Nice complex codex, with excellent options and flavor.

The next codex's, where will they fall? Necrons, Tau, Sisters of Battle, Legions of Chaos, and Black Templar?

This topic came up, mostly because it literally took less than a day with the codex in hand, to put together a strong Grey Knight list. Of course it needs refined, but I really like the list. Dark Eldar on the other hand, I am still working hard to refine, or you could say it took me from release date until a few months back to really figure out what I want. In fact, I need to go pick up some of my last few models for my Ard Boyz 2500pt Dark Eldar list this week.

A lot of this may just be me. I believe that the codex's of 5th edition are the best out there. I also believe that they are pretty equal in terms of strength and competitiveness. It could also be, that certain armies just fit my play style.

Either way, ATM I am an Imperial Guard player, a Blood Angel player, a Dark Eldar player, and finally, I will end up being a Grey Knight Inquisition player, once the rage slows down a little.


  1. Perhaps it's just me, or my local players are not up to snuff, but I've found DE very simple to play. Warseer has an awsome thread on tactics and breaks down units and wargear (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=281268).

    After cutting my teeth and banging my head on the wall with Tau last year, my win percentage went way up and game enjoyment is also way higher. Instead of run away and shoot (JSJ) I get to decide on what to do.

    Want to assault? take witches, incubi, and beasts. Want to shoot? take warriors and jet bikes. Both can work and after a little learning, you can come up with a flexible and dynamic army. Poison, lance, and haywire all excel at taking out Mech/Monsters causing more people to bring better balanced lists, at least in my area.

    By the way, how are you liking the Grotesques? I ran 4 with lilith and a hami (two liquifiers) and was quite happy with the results, though it was quite an expensive unit.

  2. I've played a couple of Dark Eldar players and have had a hard time with both. One is a monster heavy them (lots of grotesques and 2 Talos and a Cronos) which really fun to play against and interesting to see on the board. I also played against Ben Mohile's DE several times in the months leading up to Adepticon and he was definitely able to get some well played wins against my guard army.

    I was also one of the guys who jumped ship from IG to grey knights when the codex came out. Maybe it's just my type of list but I was not having a whole lot of success but I'm not really into the leafblower style lists so it's probably my own tactical failure. I was drawn to the Inquisition theme of GK and hope to finally get all of my old IG stormtroopers on the table top. I will however be bringing a purely GK list to the NOVA open.

  3. Frost, the problem with the warseer breakdown is that there are a lot of errors on what you can take, so its a little misleading.

    Don't get me wrong, I still love my Dark Eldar. I also am getting ready For Ard Boyz with my them. Grotesques are wonderful.

    I just think the learning curve for them is harder than Grey Knights. Which may be rightfully so.

  4. *Sigh* Grey Knights

    I actually play Tyranids. I used to play Tau, but like FrostByteVA said, its a lot of pain for very little gain. So I started an army that was the extreme opposite of the Tau. Pulse rifles were replaced by scything talons and missile pods by rending claws.

    Haven't had so much fun in a long time. I kept the shooting to a minimum and maxed out on assault, with lots of deep striking, infiltrating and outflanking. My Mawloc has a kill count of devestators, terminators and rhino chassis tanks as long as the space marine product list.

    Haven't found anything to complain about in the codex, can't imagine why they are unpopular.

  5. Tyranids, competitively speaking, took some major hits with the FAQ and the release of the GK codex; with them being the most limited of the 5E books (but admittedly a lot better off than the 4E and 3E ones), this puts them in the awkward position of being just good enough to not really meet muster. In mech-lite environments they are pretty good, but as soon as you start seeing eight, ten, or fifteen vehicle chassis on the table, they really suffer.

  6. Tyranids don't have true long range, or short range really, answers to armor. They simply cannot take down dedicated mech armies. Not to mention, now that everything can run, their costs are not quite reflected to show that. When fleet was something not everyone could do (and I mean get an extra D6 movement, not the charging) you could justify the cost on some of their models.

    Tyranids have a mess of issues, and one of their big issues with GK is the initiative thing.

    Dark Eldar however, I believe seem to have an Easy button with some of their styles, however, they're good to go with many different styles of play. Eldar have other issues mostly involving costs of transports, however, I don't find them having problems being competitive.


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