Lots of new things are appearing at Games Day Chicago. The first and foremost that caught my eye of course are anything Dark Eldar related. The Tantalus looks beautiful. Also included below is another pic of a Praetor Super Heavy Assault Launcher.

Lots of Forgeworld releases are also on the horizon, take a look at the following list. Videos are also included from the Forgeworld Seminar.

Via MUNDELEIN for the info, and credit goes to Eldar Gal for posting the pics above.
Lots of info both 40K and FB (40K is first)
Highlights :
* More Contemptor arms.(Plasma Cannon, Heavy Conversion Beamer - in the FW teaser newsflash, Mortis Pattern(Typhoon Launchers and Assault Cannons on each arm), Heavy Bolters)

* Chaos Contemptors on their way lots of new Dreadnought stuff coming along

* Second FW masterclass book.

* Imperial Armour 11 is set for sale Nov-Dec.(He said Holidays)

* Imperial Armour 12 is likely to feature Dark Eldar

* More Marine Armor variants to come...

* More Marine shoulder pad sets...

* More Land Raider Variants(a plasma cannon variant was explicitly mentioned)

* They will continue to introduce Special Character models from the Badab War.A beautiful Techmarine with a conversion beamer was shown off, with twin whips - think Mickey Rouke in Ironman 2. Arms and shoulders interchangeable so you can field as a Master of the Forge with any SM army.

* More decal sheets for SM's

* FW Apoc book redone to take into consideration feedback and codex updates (GW take note!)

* More bits for Elysian and Cadian plastic mentioned

* A full picture of the huge Dark Eldar skimmer (Tantalus) was shown, will incorporate brass etched piece for the kit.

* Shadow Spectre Phoenix lord being done

* 2 Bran Redmaw models for next book - one as SM one as Wulfen.

* Possibly some SW shoulderpads.

The videos are from An Enemy. His blog is Wolves at the Door and can be checked out as well. Please note that video 3 is sideways.

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