Ive been working on my Grotesques, now that they've arrived. I have been excited to start working on this unit, and now that its here, I am going full steam ahead. They are together, and only need a little more cleaning up before I base coat em and get get to work.

A word about the condition of the models. They are Citadel Finecast models. Overall the three of them were very rough around the edges, the last of the three had a couple minor issues. Each one takes quite a bit more work to clean up than the old metal models. Any casting issues, I am sure will be handled when the second runs of things start hitting the stores.

Over-all I love the new material. I have set extra parts out in the sun to see how they fare, and so far, no issues. I even nuked an extra sprue in the microwave and lit one on fire with a lighter. Just a heads up, they do catch fire and burn when held under a lighter. hehe. Dropping, I have had a couple models survive without incident.

The new resin is a dream come true once they get the casting down. Its easy to work, with a lot less blood loss than the metal models. If you look closely, any red on the aberration with scissor hands is from the only cut I received.

I decided to not put the helm on the aberration. Instead I cut up a flagellent's head a little. Mostly trimming it down in a couple spots to hopefully give it a more dark eldar-ish feel. Then I used some spare parts from Fabius Bile and attached them to the spine of the aberration with the drug canisters over its back and with a tube running from this to the scissorhands to deliver the toxins. The rest of the scissorhands are just cut outs from an arm piece of the grotesque and slivers of resin.

The simple single pose of the Grotesque is the most obvious challenge. I just attempted to change them slightly. A unit of three is not that bad if their pose is close.

I will post more pics once I get more completed.

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