A new set of finecast are being released July 23rd. A couple of these monsters are old models re-released for Storm of Magic. While the details of these old models look rather ...... well, old. I have not seen them in person to comment on the quality of making these finecast. Release Date is July 23rd.

Here is what is being released.
Cold One $16.50
Great Taurus $35.50
Lammasu $35.50
Fenbeast $24.75
Dark Emissary $15.25
Truthsayer $15.25

via Games Workshop
Due to high demand, each Citadel Finecast product is limited to three (3) per customer.

I find this kind of odd, as when a model is not yet up for pre-order, there is no real demand, yet there it is. A limit of 3 per customer. I am guessing they just did not want to make that many of them, but to each his own.

Of course we have the odd new pre-order policy.
Place the order by July 17th and have it shipped to a GW Hobby Center and it is guaranteed to be there on release day.

Shipping elsewhere, like to your home:
Order it by the 20th, and they will ship it on the 22nd of July, otherwise they will not be shipping out your order until the 25th.

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