Apparently several FAQ's were updated. I have not had the chance to dig through them all, but it seems something to do with dreadnaughts and snikrot for 40k, and Lizard Men and Tomb Kings also got new and updated FAQs.

This list keeps growing the more I look. Just added Space Marines, the Main 40k Rulebook. I am checking to see if anything else was updated, so if you find anything else, please comment below.

Warhammer Fantasy
Tomb Kings FAQ
Lizard Men FAQ

Warhammer 40k
Orks (40k) FAQ
Grey Knights FAQ
Space Marines FAQ
40k Rulebook FAQ


  1. Slightly off topic but related to the FAQ... Storm Raven's wings are part of hull. However, only the base is considered when landing in difficult terrain. As such, can an opponent go under the wing -or- if DS'ing in, can the raven's wings end up over an opponent's model as long as the base is 1" away?

  2. Hoooly... Am I reading that right? Whirlwind Missile Tanks now shoot Ordnance 1, Large Blast Barrages?

    Daaaamn. That's going to change the anti-infantry game for good now.

  3. I see the put "The Most Important Rule" back in, hope that doesn't meant they're going to stop updating FAQs again.

  4. No Anonymous you are not reading right.

    Whirlwind is Large Blast

    Vindicator Demolisher cannon is Ordnance 1, Large Blast

  5. Couple of things stick out to me.

    Ork kans now have to be within the 6" of the kustom force field to benefit from it's ability, not just 1 and it affects the whole squad.

    Scout squads no longer confer the USR scout to a dedicated transport but a transport with scout can transfer it to the squad.

  6. Isn't it more that squads with scout don't give it to non-dedicated transports?

  7. Anon #2 Remember that if half of your squadron is obscured, you get the save for the entire squadron. So you only need two of the three cans to be in the forcefield.

    Anon #2 Yes, apparently they had to confirm for players that do not read the rule book. Scouts not giving scout to a non-dedicated transport is standard rules.


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