I have listened to the wind, the sound of rain falling down upon the pavement, and the rolling of tumbleweeds bouncing across the desert floor. In a moment I heard the shouting of a man spouting changes over the wind, only to suffocate when his voice was all but lost, smothered by the deafening pressure of time.

Presence of Faeit is a weekly editorial by myself. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

The highlight reel this week consisted of this weeks FAQs. They were a decent set, with a lot of it being common sense, and what the rules already say. The FAQ writers must of checked dakka's rules query section for some of these, as most of the FAQ's did not need an FAQ. They were clear to begin with. I suppose it is better that GW answer these than not if people are still asking them.

Otherwise, I am still impressed with all the FAQ updates. It is nice that the players demands for clarifications are getting answered. I know they probably have not hit some of the questions, but at least we are getting faqs on a timely basis now.

Ard Boyz Prep
I have been doing a lot of modelling this week. Staying up til 2am working on models I know I will need to get done for Ard Boyz. I am still waiting for a couple of the new citadel finecast Grotesques to arrive, but they should be here next week.

I guess you can say I am getting my list ready, and painting models. I keep changing the list, which is slowing down the process. A tweak here and a tweak there has led to a very inefficient way of getting models done. I finish a unit, only to remove that unit from my list. Either way, I am getting things done. Which leads me to my next topic.

Things to model by. I have found that for Dark Eldar I like listening to something twisted and demented. There really is nothing better than the soundtrack to the movie Shutter Island for this. It is the darkest  and most psychotic set of music I have ever heard.

The only issue with it is that it will creep out the wife if she is trying to sleep. So be warned. (please do not give your childred nightmares by having them listen to this music.)

Faeit 212 BlogExchange
There are quite a few entries for this week. I may split them into two parts for tomorrow. I haven't yet given it much thought yet, but my email was hit pretty hard this week with new requests. Later today I should get a chance to start going through the blogs, and do some reading.

I wish my language skills were better though, as I one of the blogs is in German. It's sad really, since I was born in Heidelberg, that I have not been able to grasp the language. I am a little language illiterate. Meaning I have an extremely hard time picking up new languages. I know some Spanish, but even with a couple years of German classes, I was not able to pick up anything. It just shows that even if your background is something (my family immigrated to the US a few generations ago from Germany), language is not innate.

Lack of Rumors
This week the rumor mill was on death row. There was just extreme silence. We are going to be getting some White Dwarf Sisters of Battle information sometime in the very near future when the next issue hits the shelves.

Otherwise, the most interesting thing for me this week, is that  Asdrubael Vect is going to be featured in a novel, due out early next year.

Faeit 212 Community News

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