The rumors keep coming on what to expect for the upcoming release of Ogre Kingdoms this fall. Of course they seem to be coming in piece by piece this morning, but its better than nothing at all. Here is the latest.

Please remember to always take rumors with a grain of salt

by Vashta
A few more rumours from over at the Stronghold:
Maneaters have massive point drop, and even more crazy weapon options. Can take a Special Character champion (Golgfag).

New Cauldron-altar rare unit for butchers, no new model.

Greasus now LD10 and completely rewritten (Stats, rules and items similar to Gorbad Ironclaw).

via Mirbeau
Chiming in - I've heard of new miniatures for the butcher (unless its renamed) and possibly the hunter (unless its a new 'feral' type unit. The butcher is apparantly 'disgusting' and 'cannabalistic' - and plastic! They can also take rulebook lores (no idea on how many). Apparantly, there is also a mechanism of upgrading characters (like big names) in the book still.

You can thank my wallet and the pit and pendulum's fine beers for the above!

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