Another set of rumors floating around for our Sunday best is another wave of Tyranids on the horizon. I noticed there were missing models like the tervigon or Tyrranofex in this list, but I do assume that they are coming as well. They would be models that would make Games Workshop some money.

Some of this old and been posted here, as it is a compilation of things Stickmonkey has said recently, and a few that were said some time back. Check out the rumor, and enjoy. As with any rumor, please take with a grain of salt.

via Judas Masias,
I found this Stickmonkey:
Lots of internal rumbling on a 2nd wave of tyranids. I don't have timelines, but expect it to hit before end of year, but after dark eldar releases complete that codex.

First, a new tyrant model is soon to debut. It has options for the swarm lord. It has some slight differences from the current metal, but is basically similar. I do think it stands between an inch or more higher, but not as tall as a trygon. I did not have an existing tyrant to compare. Wings are supposedly in the kit, but I did not see those.

(this could be a plastic Swarm Lord)

Second, a harpy has been done

For metals,
There is a doom and parasite sculpted. They look as expected. Doom is fairly dynamic, parasite is a bit bigger than I thought and will likely use the larger skimmer base.

And a new yrgarll genestealer in metal...think flash gitz


  1. >Parasite
    >Large skimmer base
    >T4 W3 creature


  2. Also they wouldn't do the Hive Tyrant in Finecast if they were going to supercede it.

  3. And Ymgarll in metal? They dont even do metal models anymore... too salty for my taste

  4. Also "after dark eldar releases complete that codex"?

    More DE models (not including the Court) due? Maybe some nice IC's?

  5. DE ICs would really be nice. Althoug, these Nid 2nd wave rumors are quite old and the full rumor states that Tervigons and T-Fexes will be in the release. Unfortunately, no new rumors are starting to see dayligth about when the big bugs are coming - IF they are coming... Anyone remembers the Summer of Fliers, and the promise of something called the Harpy? Those things are yet to happen, if ever.
    Until then, buy DE, buy GK, wait for Necrons, then buy Necrons, then wait for 6th ed, buy Chaos Legions, then buy Eldar, buy Tau. that's the GW concept :)

  6. I think that it wont matter how big they make the parasite's base since he is gonna have to be in a gargoyle squad anyway. I am gonna run mine in a 20 model brood of gargoyles since he is the only thing that can keep up with them and provide substantial outflank protection against anything that isn't a Marine.


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