1. the ur-ghul is by any means... a ghoul!! just with its eyes plucked.
    i'd like to see a better shot of the medusa though, we'll see later hopefully.
    25.90$ for one? lol

  2. not DE again :(
    unfair towards other armys... what about nids, sw, ig, ect.?

    ps.: i think youre listing price of 25,- is wrong since there it says 9,50 under the fig

  3. I have a copy of the pre-order form. It shows $25.90. However, after reading it, it may not be US dollars.

  4. "not DE again :(
    unfair towards other armys..."

    What are you smoking? DE had to wait 13 years to get a single new model. How would you like it if Spheeze Mehreeenes didn't get a new codex or model for the next 13 years while all the other armies saw multiple codex releases?

    I would be thrilled as I hate to see SM every other month but I digress...

    DE deserves every release they get, they deserve it more than any other faction except Sisters of Battle who are still stuck with 2E models that are 15 years old.

    If the DE are anything to go by I have high hopes for both Necrons and Sisters of Battle when they get their proper release.

    btw, I've posted all the info from this months WD over at heresy if anyone cares to take a look.

  5. This looks like pages from a new White Dwarf. Since the next White Dwarf should include pictures of the new Sister models in the Bestiary I was either right that they don't get any or whoever took this photo is either a Dark Eldar fan or a very cruel tease. (Why the heck did I write "or"? DE fans have to be cruel by nature. :D)

  6. I has a sad.

    Really GW? Models for the retinue that no one is ever going to field but no Baron or The Duke?

    At this rate we're going to get a new Decapitator and Drazhar before we get those guys.


  7. Yea, why GW is bothering with Ur-Ghul and Medusae is beyond me, when they could be releasing a Vect, Baron, Duke or True born. I'm sure they would sell a lot more of those!

  8. Trueborn are simply warriors with different weapon options. They don't need new models, even though a few weapon sprues would be nice. Ur-Ghul and Medusae had to be done, but I don't get why the Lhamean didn't come first.


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