Its come to my attention through games, that there is one model who is not a special character, that is such a powerful force multiplier that it borders on insane. Granted he is expensive point wise but listen to this.

Able to make a friendly unit Initiative 10 for the remainder of the round. Increase the Strength of your unit by 1 or 2, make anyone assaulting you have to use the rules for difficult and dangerous terrain, create a bubble of stealth for all units around him, of course shoot lightning from his fingertips, and Warp vehicles and infantry across the board . Did I mention he can stop infiltration and scouting, can get a 2+ invulnerable save, and can use 3 powers each players turn?

You guessed it, I am talking about the Grey Knights Librarian. Upgraded to mastery level three, he is a force to be reckoned with. So much that he must be dealt with and quickly. Do not let one of these psychic masters near your forces, or it could be the last thing you do.

Lets take a look at him. 
Servo Skulls
First off, grant this librarian your three servo skulls to stop infiltration and scout moves towards your forces. This is just a nice way of saying FU to those special rules people like to use. (including myself). They come at a nice 5pts apiece and you only need the three.

Lets not forget he comes with a psychic hood for defense against these powers. Combined with a dreadnaught with reinforced Aegis within 12", no psychic powers will be working. Thats a -4 to your trying to get off the psychic powers. Then you have to deal with the psychic hood.

Weapons and Armour
Of course you have the normal array of nemesis force weapons. The staff gives you a 2+ Invul save in close combat, so why not. Well its expensive, but your going to want to keep this guy alive. He already comes with terminator armour, so having a 2+ normal save, 2+ invul vs close combat, and a 5+ invul from everything else is pretty nice.

Mastery level 3
Three powers a turn means nothing if you don't have the powers to use. However, we have them in spades.

Nemesis force weapon: Assault Phase of Any Player: Means instant death to multi-wound opponents.

Hammerhand: Assault Phase of Any Player: Gives +1 Strength to the unit. Do not forget that a lot of units come with this ability, so your librarian does not need to be the one casting it. This one is done before multipliers are added, so that thunderhammer, ie Daemonhammers are up to S10.

Might of Titan: During Librarians Assault phase: Gives +1 to strength to a unit within 6". Combined with hammerhand, and your up to S6. Alongside I6 with force halberds, you are a force to recon with

Quicksilver: During librarians start of movement phase: Make that unit within 6" Initiative 10 for the turn. Say goodbye Eldar.

The Shrouding: During opponents shooting phase: The librarians unit and any friendly unit within 6" gains stealth.

Smite: Std shooting psychic power. 12" S4 Ap2 Assault 4

The Summoning: Beginning of Librarians movement phase: Summon any unit (if vehicles are upgraded) to within 6" of you using deep strike rules. Doesn't matter where they are, just that they are not locked in close combat.

Warp Rift. Psychic shooting attack. Template that makes any models under make an initiative test or be removed from game with no saves of any kind. Also any vehicles hit suffer a single penetrating hit.

Vortex of Doom. Another shooting attack, S10 AP1 small blast. 12" range

Excommunication; Takes away deamonic gifts for models in base to base, but since chaos really isn't running around these days, this is really the only power that is pointless.

Warp Rift is by far the only shooting attack you need. Take the others as you see fit, and take lots. They are only 5pts each.

Now, this librarian gets expensive, but is extremely powerful, as all units around him can be enhanced. He is a must to kill on the battlefield. If you are not a Grey Knight player, then knowing what your enemy is capable of is vital. This guy will rip new holes in your army that you did not know existed.

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