This is some fine craftsmanship. She is riding the dragon sidesaddle, its really an amazing model. Its new from Warhammer Forge today. Here is the link. Warhammer Forge

via Warhammer Forge
The ‘Graveyard Rose’ Elspeth von Draken, Magisterix of the Amethyst College and arch-wizard of the Lore of Death. Von Draken is born of a long bloodline touched by the Winds of Magic, a bloodline that has produced both heroes and monsters in its time, and the Dark Lady of Nuln is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Amethyst wizards of the age.

Appearing as a spectre of death, gowned in robes so black as to be woven from shadow and bearing a keening scythe, forged with Dark magic, Magisterix von Draken has long been a hidden defender of the Empire, and her life and acts in its defence are shrouded in both secrecy and suspicion.

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