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Two Separate Tau Codex Translations

This morning while I am going through the 350+ comments in yesterday's QnA, and put together all the information into a single post, I thought I would leave you with a couple of translations from the spanish codex pics that have been floating around.

The first is from a reader here on Faeit 212, and the second is From the Fang (with a link to his site for his translations).

Later this morning I should be done going through the QnA. I know so many comments are almost impossible to get through.

via Furstenburg from the Faeit 212 inbox
Sorry my spanish is a little rusty

XV8s 22pts each. have a rule 'very sturdy' don’t know what this means. Relentless maybe? Eternal Warrior? They still choose 3 weapon/support systems. Sergeant models choose 3 but have access to ??character systems?? Shasvre in XV8 unit has extra attack. Bah!

Stealth teams 90pts for 3. Fusion blasters still 1 per 3 models for stealth suits. Drone controllers seem to be no longer essential. 1 stealth suit in squad can take up to 2 drones. One can take some kind of homing device. Teleport homer? shasvre can take markerlight 5 pts

Bonding knives 1pt per model across the board.

Firewarriors 9pts. free swap for carbines. photon grenades as standard. Shas ui can take markerlight for 15pts. EMP grenades 2 pts per model. Sergeant markerlight 15pts

Kroot 6pts. Infiltrate. Move through cover. kroot rifles AP5 in CC. Shaper 15pts. 4pts to upgrade shapers weapon to pulse rifle or carbine. 1pt per model for accurate munitions?? They get sniper quality AP6. HVY 1. Kroot all the way!

Kroot hounds 5pts

Devilfish unchanged. 80pts. 10pts to swap drones for SMS. Drones probably better as carbines assault 2 now.

Burst Cannon Assault 4 so 6 stealth suits can fire out 24 shots...

Pulse Carbine Assault 2. very nice....have cowardice rule? Pinning I assume. Wow. Pulse carbines much better now. Prob better than rifles...

I cant see anything about drones not being counted for morale

All drones T4 with 4+ save. units of drones anyone. Waste of time in firewarrior and pathfinder units as majority toughness.....

Fireblade grants additional Pulse shot if unit he is with doesn’t move. Only with rifles and carbines. 60pts can take 2 drones. independent character. Split fire

Both flyers have 2 seeker missiles. Fighter flyer spends 5 pts to upgrade burst cannon to Missile pod, giving it 6 S7 shots

Broadsides. 65pts. Change to 4 shot missile pods for free. Plasma rifles 5pt upgrade. Any model can take drones with no drone controller needed.

Sniper drones have 48" AP5 sniper rifle BS2. 58pts for unit (odd costing). Controller is BS5?? unit has stealth not shrouded...

Riptide 180pts. BS3. Nova reactor doesn’t work 1-2 and causes wound with no saves of any type. If works pick one of the overcharge abilities and its in effect until the start of your next movement phase. His shield drones also have missile pods and are T6 with 4+, 4++ save. Nova reactor declared at start of movement phase. burst cannon S6 AP4 8 shots, 12 if overcharged. Burst cannon standard. 5 pts for ion accelerator HVY 3 S7 AP2. Overcharge S8 AP2, large blast gets hot. Nova overcharge Large Blast S9 AP2, barrage. 2 defense drones for 25pts

Markerlights +1 BS per token and 2 Tokens equals ignore cover (as in you still spend tokens). or fire a seeker missile

Devilfish appears unchanged. 80pts, 2 gun drones as standard. Although it does fire out 8 S5 shots now that burst cannon is assault 4 and carbines assault 2

Hammerhead 125pts with rail cannon and 2 combat drones. 5 pts to get submunition round. free swap for ion cannon (not riptide one, smaller. S7 AP3, can be overcharged to S8 AP3, large blast gets hot!) free swap for burst cannon and SMS. can take 2 Seeker missiles  8pts each

pathfinder ion rifle S7 AP4, heavy 1 overcharge S8 AP4 blast gets hot!

Commanders cyclonic ion blaster S7 AP4 Assault 3. Overcharge S8 AP4 Blast.

Ethereal 50pts. can give feel no pain 6+, an extra shot to pulse weapons I think, or stubborn. Don’t understand last ability of the 4. Aunva can do 2 a turn.

If I read it right Shasvres give the unit the ability to consolidate move after they fire overwatch fire. Massive!!!!! Its called tactical retreat or something.

via From the Fang

Crisis Suits
Appear to cost 22pts each now but can still only be taken in units of 3. No longer have the option of making them a team leader but rather you now just pay 10 pts to make them a Shas'vre. Makes sense to me as hardly anyone bothered to pay the extra 5 for shas'vre status. Shas'vre now boosts them to Ld 9 but loses 1pt of WS (I think we'll cope). Otherwise the stats are the same, no toughness boost like some rumours suggested. Get army wide special rule Supporting Fire which is the ranged overwatch assistance thing. Also they're "Very Bulky" although it sounds better in Spanish (muy corpulento!). The options are what will make these good or bad though. Difficult to look at upgrades though as they're on a chart rather than in unit entry like the other new codexes.

Riptide (Cataclismo in Spanish - again sounds better)
Base cost of 180pts with a pretty impressive statline notably toughness 6 with 5 wounds. It's basic gun appears to be the heavy burst cannon which is S6 and EIGHT shots. Seems like the Nova Reactor will allow you to make this 12 shots too at the risk of Gets Hot. Not sure on the Spanish but looks like it rends too when Nova'd. Comes with an SMS which is pretty much the same as it was but can be swapped for a twin-linked fusion blaster or plasma rifle (which are again the same). The heavy burst cannon can be swapped for an ion cannon thing which starts at S7 AP2 with three shots but can be overcharged to S9 AP2 large blast.

Fire Warriors
Still have a six member minimum but are 9 pts for essentially the same stats but now get Photon Grenades for free. Their gun is stil S5, 30" rapid fire. They can all take the "Ritual of Ta'lissera" rule for 1pt each which if memory serves from the old book, relates to bonding knives so presumably is leadership related (that page is nearly impossible to read even if I understood Spanish). Can still take a devilfish which are still 80pts and pretty similar. Difficult to tell much else without translating it all.

With the addition of Fireblade they can fire an extra shot with their rifles or carbines if they stand still.

Get 10 by default as before and can buy another 10 but they're now 6 pts each and come with 6+ armour. They're now S3 but retain their WS4 and the hounds are still I5 and are 5pts each. They can now take some sort of special precision ammo for 1pt per model which make their guns sniper rifles and hence Heavy. Hounds have Acute Senses and the whole squad can infiltrate meaning more precise Outflanking which is interesting. They've still got Stealth in forests and the kroot ox is pretty much the same but now 25pts.

Unfortunately they appear to be AV 11/10/10 but with 3 HP. Bomber starts at 160pts and fighter at 145pts.  Aside from the Vehicle Upgrades (no sign of what they are or how much they cost) the fighter can take a missile pod instead of the burst cannon for 5pts. The quad ion cannon is S7 AP4 but can be boosted to S8 large blast which is obviously not much use against other flyers but good for ground vehicle hunting. With 6 S7 shots and two seeker missiles it doesn't look too bad for 150pts though. The bomber can twin-link it's missile pod for 5pts but otherwise will be better against ground targets as you might expect. Despite still being BS2 the fighter drones have S7 AP4 twin-linked guns which isn't bad at all when they appear to have interceptor too. They also seem to have afterburners (whatever they do).

Have to decide when I read the English book but at the moment they both look fairly viable. At least they're better than the DA ones already (which isn't hard of course).

They're now 65pts each and still a max squad size of 3. Their twin-linked railguns are now S8 AP1 as was rumour but the missile pods they can swap them for are S7 AP4 with 4 shots. Their SMS are now twin-linked too which is pretty cool. They're then able to take various other options from the wargear table and still seem to get one support system each. They can take a seeker missile for 8pts which seems to be the standard cost of them now.  The shas'vre is now Ld 9 which should help reduce the number of times they run off the board like they used to!

Pretty happy with these. If they do get the option of Skyfire as has been rumoured then they're going to be the goto anti-air for pretty much any army in the game. S10 would've been ridiculous so the S8 makes sense.

Ethereals are 50pts and Fireblade is 60pts. There doesn't seem to be any option to take them in multiples as squad leaders unfortunately but for dirt cheap HQ to spend your points on something else then you can't complain. Better than the minimum 100pts a lot of armies have to spend.

O'Shovah/Farsight is 165pts and is still equipped the same. He still has Preferred Enemy (Orks) and can be joined by 7 crisis suits in his bodyguard. Sadly this seems to be the only FOC swapping that can be done.

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  1. Lot of STR 8 ..and a lot of ap4...

  2. I haven't played warhammer for very long, and i can't find the answer on Google, but what's the difference between a "++" save and a "+" save?

    1. a 4+ save is an armor save, a 4++ is an invulnerable save.

    2. I thought the '++' indicated a re-roll...

    3. I thought the '++' indicated a re-roll...

    4. no that's why you always see 2+/5++ when someone is talking about terminators

  3. Emailed you this morning Natfka. Apparently there are severe delays on Tau models shipping in the UK. Codex should be unaffected, but if its a problem over here then I think the rest of the world may also have issues :S

    1. If you check under the Pre-Orders page on the GW site it has some information.

    2. European customers only says GW site.

    3. Our local store has been told they will get 10 of each new boxed set and 1 Farsight, and thats it for a few weeks.

  4. Still saddens me the fact that the new Battleforce is delayed as well.

    Codex will arrive in digital format this saturday which should give some time to find out what is worth taking and what is not. Out of the leaks it sounds like the flyers aren't that great, but time will show.

  5. Bonding knives apparently give Heroic morale to units. Normal regroup rules under 25%

    1. and the XV8 very sturdy rule is very bulky. VX88s get extremely bulky. Alot of the stuff I sent you was early translation and very random :)

    2. So, bonding knives are exactly the same as before then?

  6. Some lost info. As I am not native english, some unit name translation could be wrong, but I hope you can understand it:

    Suits are Bulky (Stealths), Very Bulky (Crisis), 'Extremely Bulky' (Broadsides). Bulky, very bulky and extremely bulky units can't embark in the transport (¿Mantaray?)

    Doesn't seems necesary to adquire drone controller to get drones within crisis and broadsides.

    Perhaps (for wording, not rules what i have seen) kroot rifle gives +1 attack.

    Carbine gets Pinning.

    Sniper drones: controller gets BS5 with marker. Can get aditional drones (15 pts) or controllers (13). Drone weapon is ... ¿fast fire? The mode of two shots at half range.

    If IC was within a unit when killed, the unit gets the drones. If not, the drones operate as unit. Another IC can join these drones but if he does he can't join another unit. If the killed IC was not within a unit, the drones must be destroyed to consider destroyed unit.

    1. - Carbine has been pinning for a while now.
      - So the Sniper drones won't die if the controller is killed? If so, \o/ Happy days!! :D

    2. Carbines have had pinning since 2001

  7. I'm spanish, and a regular reader (by the way), if you have trouble with any specific passages I can help you translate them.

  8. I've probably missed this in the deluge of information but has anyone seen/mentioned the multi-tracker upgrade on vehicles? Early rumours were that it no longer granted shooting as a fast vehicle (i.e. can fire 2 weapons after moving 12"). Can anyone confirm?

  9. I'll ry and help translate the new pictures, wich are way better. (Have in mind that I am not a Tau player, so forgive any mistake I may do with the old rules or the unit designation.)

    Apocalypse: 1-3, 65p each
    can get a high explosive missile launcher instead for their heavy railgun rifle for 5p each, or exchange their sms for TL plasmas. Any can get a seeker missile for 8, and any can get ONE item from the suppor system list

    Submunition for 5p
    ion cannon instead of railgun for free

    Sniper Drones: 58 for a sniper and 3 drones, up to 2 additional snipers for 13, up to 6 drones for 15

    Crisis: 22 each, 1-3 with up to 2 drones EACH. They can chose up to three items from the weapons and support list, and the sergeant can choose from the characteristic list also.

    Stealth teams: 90 for 3, up to 3 more for 30each.
    1 out of each 3 can get a melta

    Riptide: 180p
    WS3 T5 W6 2+
    You got the weapons right above. They can also have up to 2 defensive drones.
    the reactor works as following:
    If you choose to overload it, roll D6: 1-2 wound with no saves of any kind
    3-6 you CHOOSE one of the following: 3++/ Shoot the secondary weapons twice / move additional D6 with the jump packs / overload a main weapon (shooting as you said above)

    You got the flyers right too (GJ! xD)

    any unit up to 12" can use their leadership for moral related rolls.
    the can cast elemental shit: (you choose one at the beggining of the movement phase, and it affects the ehtereal and his unit)
    - stubborn
    - FNP 6+
    - you can snap shoot after running
    - pulse weapons (not bombs) make and additional shot if shooting at half the distance.

    Special rules!

    Talissera bonding knives:

    If all the unit have them, they get "heroic Moral USR"? not sure on the translation...

    Support fire (Race Wide)
    when charge, any unit at 6" can overwatch (still just once per unit)

    Warord traits:
    1- No look out sir from your warlod or his unit
    2-one use only, dirng a shooting phase, your warlord, and any unit up to 12" can reroll 1s when hitting
    3- Warlord and unit move 3D6 when using the jetpacks
    4-one use only, all units from this codex that are gone to the ground, get up and can move and shoot as usual
    5-one use. for the remaining of the turn, warlod and unit get skyfire
    6- your warlord and his unit don't scatter if DS

    characteristic system

    - Iridium XV08-02 armor:+1T and 2+ save.
    - Repulsor Impact field (or whatever) : when charged, at I10 they deliver 1d6 hits at S4 AP- to each unit in combat
    - Jun'nami neuro chip: at the beginning of your movement phase you chose to get one of the following: Counterattack, Furious chrge, Monster hunter or tank hunter
    - Autodestruction : If illed in assault, place a large blast inflicting a S5 AP- hit to ANY unit (friend or foe)
    - Demolishing gauntlet: You can exchange all your attacks for a S10 Ap1 one.
    - Command and control node: If the model carrying it doesnt shoot, his unit can reroll misses when rolling to hit (shooting only)
    - Multispectrum sensors system: If the model carrying it doesnt shoot, their unit will ignore cover when shooting. It can be used at the same time that the command and control node.

    Some random stuff:
    - the pilot special character is an upgrade to a hammerhead, granting it BS5
    - telemeric marker (not sure what u call it) grant ONE of the following: +1BS, ignore cover, shoot a seeker missile. The ignore cover one need two counters to work.
    - While Aun'va is allive, any unit can reroll LD related rolls.
    - Shi'vre and his unit consolidate after overwatch (Tactical retreat) cool thing!

    Thats all I can get. Hope it helps!

    1. The vey sturdy thing you are all talking about is in fact, very bulky, meaning it count as 3 models when embarking a vehicule.

    2. That characteristics table is filthy. Any word on who has access to it? (I guess it's probably commander only, Broadsides with Tank Hunter would be ridiculous!)

    3. I can already see some nasty Crisis Suit team set ups:
      3 Crisis Suits with Flamers/Repulsor Impact Field/Shield Genarators for taking a charge but punishing them for it. maybe stick a Failsafe Detonator in there.
      A Shas'El Crisis Commander with Command & Control Node AND Multispectrum Sensors attached to a 3 Crisis Suit Elites team with Plasma/Fusion/Targetting Array. Even better if you have the Warlord trait of never scatter on DS, for the ultimate in surgical strikes against units like Long Fangs.

    4. characteristic table is available, as far as i know, to crisis and apocalypse sas've (is that term right? xD. Team leaders i mean)

  10. If this is correct lots of AP4 weapons and it seems we've lost the sniper drones AP3 Space marine killers (which I loved) to have AP5 now. As SM armies are the most common army out there, might be a struggle to get past their AV3 now, but might make up with the fact of more shooting to making them roll more armor saves. I hope the Ethereal has armor this time, as he kept dyeing way too quickly. As for the riptide doing over charge don’t see much point as it’s on a 1 or 2 fails and risks some stuff with the gets hot rule, so you can fail more by having to roll more dice. You could end up killing 180pts worth of model yourself.
    Any word on the range of the weapons like burst cannons for suits still being 18’ S5 AP5, is it the same for the burst cannons on the big vehicles and planes.
    Any news on the shield drones for broadsides still having a 2+ (same as unit) / 4++ saves?

    1. it looks like all drones now have a 4+ save from the reference sheet. now sure on the invulnerable. burst cannons are still 18" S5 AP5 as far as I can see, but assault 4 instead. Same on all platforms (the riptide has HVY burst cannon instead).

      It seems we are killing via torrent rather than bypassing armour.

      I'm a bit disappointed there's no Heavy gun drones in the codex though :(

    2. "struggle to get past their AV3 now"

      Ion Cannons on HH's. Normal Gets Hot! for s8 ap3 large blast. That will deal with them. With the added bonus of still being able to use s7 ap3 hvy3 for dealing with light vehicles and MC's (and with Daemons just out you might see an increase in MC's - I already have). Overall I'm really liking what I'm seeing at the moment. Still waiting to find out about the vehicle multi-tracker upgrade though....

    3. But to lose the Railrifle S6 AP3 for pathfinders, which was a worry for any SM near them. I can see me taking less sniper drone units and an extra HH instead, one with a railcannon and one with the ion cannon. Some stuff is great but other stuff gets nurfed a bit. I always had as many railrifles as I could in my Tau for anti-SM weapons. I would have loved to see a heavy drone weapon platform for FW squads, either a drone missile pod or fusion gun or something like that, just to beef out a squad of FW. Oh well find out this weekend to see what is what. I wonder if the broadsides can still shoot to 72’’ with the heavy railgun.
      What is really needed is the ability of shield drones or any drone being able to accept or interfere with challenges in CC as that is their job to protect the unit.

    4. The rail gun on pathfinders is s6 ap1, do you will be killing terminators in addition to marines.

    5. well in fairness the cost of sniper teams did drop from 80pts to 58 by the looks of it, which is a fairly hefty 1/4 price drop with the potential for rending still there. It would have been terrible if they lost S6 AP3 and stayed at 80pts. That and 9 drones can now take advantage of a single markerlight hit, with up to 3 BS5 spotters. Get 3 hits and you are BS4 and ignore cover. A full team is about 170pts instead of 240 and T4 majority. Arguably better than a unit of SM scouts.

      HVY railgun is 60" I think.

      Drones wouldnt be able to interfere with challenges. Fluff wise thats a warrior stepping up to fight an opponent and agreeing to fight 'fairly'. that would ruin GWs idea of forcing the narrative of cinematic fights.

      On a side note TemplarSean. Fair play to you. Pretty much everyone else stopped using sniper teams years ago in favour of broadsides and hammerheads as they take up the same FoC. I do like people that avoid current trends and play how they like. Hat off to you sir!

    6. HH love them but with my luck Turn one they get hit and boom.
      Broardsides love them but at least they are harder to take out.
      Sniper drones really loved them and the old stealth rule meant they could shoot and hardly got hit back.

    7. If the pathfinders railrifle is indeed S6 SP1 then woot. Will be taking as many as i can.
      As for broadsides 60'' is still a nice long shot, so still happy with that. Might be dropping sniper drones in favour of other things.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I have to disagree with the statement that krootoxen haven't changed much. They have one less wound, one less attack, and what's this about then being able to have a kroot rifle? Is that in addition to the kroot gun?

    1. 1 less Wound, 1 less attack. Looks like they just have the kroot gun and they have dropped 10pts in price. Don't think they stop infiltrating mow though.

  13. After looking at the spanish pics again it would seem that Iridium armour now gives +1T and 2+ armour save. other than that it follows all the rules for regular XV8 suits

  14. Anyone else think that drones Sqaudrons are options nows with them being all T4 and assault 2. Is that twin linked shots if so i could see me taking a unit of drones now and again to see how that works.
    I just hope you can buy the different drones on their own and not have to make my own all the time. As the old marker drone only came with a stealth team. If you don't want the extra models and just want the different drones, then you will get lots of proxies or self made drones out there.

  15. I may have to keep my team of stealth suits, just for fun!

  16. Are seeker missiles still "Roll to hit for markerlight" then "Roll to hit for seeker after using ML token"?