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Games Day Germany Leaks and Official Documents

There have been some leaks of internal Games Workshop documents regarding Games Day Germany, Japan, and Italy. These leaks have even prompted a response, where some additional information was added regarding the Golden Daemon Awards.

The documents were sent over to Zaphod Beeblebrox over on the Masterminis blog a couple days back. I have had a post on this in rough draft form for a couple days, and now that more info keeps flowing (and Zaphod Beeblebrox emailed saying to go ahead and use these links and info), it was time to get a post up on the subject.

(Internal GW Document, fun read - not really)
Part 2 -
(GW Staff Briefing document with additional information)

Part 3 -
(HQ response with information particularly targeted towards Golden Demon painters)

Here are the translations from the first post from German
"The Games Day is comming! After we at HQ have been silent for so long, as the responsible project leader for the Games Day I would like to tell you a little bit about the background and information of this great GamesWorkshopEvent."

"Last year the games day basically grew up. Our english colleagues turned an event that every country by themselves somehow turned into reality into a global thing. They looked at every little detail of every Games Day worldwide - and the had a biiiiig magnifying glass."

"With all the gathered experience a true GamesDayCodex emerged, one that set global standards. They did not only look at Quality and the individual parts of the event, but also narrowed in on the cost of running such an event. In doing so it was determined, that organization and running the event cost way more ressource and money than it was originally thought - so this was reconsidered as well."

All of this is the reason, why we are so late with the information on the Games Day since we have looked for alternative venues and the implementation of worldwide standards for a very long time. At the end, we still ended up at the venerable Gürzenich in Köln [same venue as before].

"Initially, the most significant change is that we now have to increase the ticket price to a realistic level. Of course, price increases always hurt and some people might understandably be unhappy, but if you think what the tickets for a 2-3 hour musical or a day at Disney Land cost and how much effort the Games Day means for us as a company - a company that really gets all of their employees to Cologne to run this 8 hour event, then you understand that the price is reasonable.

"Be that as it may, this year we will tighten the screws again and strive towards making the Games Day even more interesting and a more stable (cost) budget as well as the limit of 2000 tickets are a step ahead. That's why together with you we:"

"- More miniatures in more display cases (and with your help we will most likely even fill them)
- More Creation (?) the gaming tables in the hobby area are the big focus and a mirror image of the active hobby year. Gaming tables or hobby displays - whatever you will build with your core customers, is up to you. Have fun building it, so the visitors of Games Day will have fun too!
- More guests from the UK than ever
- More material - we will enhance the workshops so more people can profit from them.
- More seats in the 'hobby lecture hall' in spite of limited space we have doubled the amount of seats.
- More service - we will improve the Forge World booth, so it will run more smoothly. Also, Retail and Black Library will receive more cash registers.
- ... and a lot more. Wie have a few more ideas. If you have a (somewhat realistic) suggestion, let me know."

"Ticket Attack on April 20th for 2000 satisfied guests of the German Games Day on August 11th 2013.

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  1. Tickets will get even more expensive? Guess I'll never visit a german GD day, even though I live kinda close to the location.

    1. GW basically has monopoly on the i'm not surprised.

    2. I like how they equate their games day to the experience of a day at Disneyland.
      Surely they should be the same price as they're similar experiences σ(^_^;)

  2. US is limited to 1000 and is located at their HQ. crazy to think we used to have multiple Games Days here in the US. While I usd to go to them, there are so many events close (Templecon, PAX East, Battle for the Shrine, etc) it makes it hard to justify traveling all that way. I used to have south fun in Baltimore!

  3. Not enough attendants - LET'S LIMIT THE NUMBER OF VISITORS! Gotta admire this business logic...

    I bet that someone without even the basic grasp of management and cost accounting had just heard about "general cost" per customer and decided that the event is the more profitable the less customers there are.

    True story: in a public healthcare organization somewhere up north, the management who could not even into finance had heard that the new MRI machine had a "general cost" of x euros per hour. They decided that the best way to operate this multi-million euro machine was not to run it at all, because they could not grasp that the general cost was the allocation of fixed costs and initial investment (that had already happened) based on normal operating hours - running it twice as much would have resulted in half the general cost per hour...

    1. There is a very viable business tactic where the more exclusive the item, the more valuable. It sucks for the average goer however it works time and time again. By offering what they believe to be a superior product they can offer what they believe to be a superior price.

    2. Or they could just stop these subversive tactics and be straight forward with business. Rather than playing games and using trickery GW should just try to make Gamesday the best it can be and achieve success on the merit of the event's intrinsic value.

      Unfortunately these same underhanded tactics are what has caused such an uproar lately with the Death from the Skies, Spots the Space Marine, Indy dealer order limits, Bits sales... the list goes on and on.

      GW, if you read this, just make a great fun product and business will succeed. Drop the tricks.

    3. Dont you get it!

      Half the staff and Location size + Cost
      Charge Double
      = more Profit
      Same income & half the Cost

      If they just Double the Price, Less People Turn up. This Way its Less risky

  4. Well, last year's games day was pretty bland anyway, so I had no intention of going this year. I hope this new concept works out for them, because even though I might not be too hot about it anymore, I'd still be sad to see the GD go away entirely.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Really?? You describe Memphis as a shithole over Chicago? Now Memphis might not be the greatest city ever, but Chicago isn't far from it. You're comparing rotten apples with more rotten apples.

    Everything else about GW I agree with, they have idiots making financial decisions.

    1. Whenever we go to Chicago for previous games days we have had a blast. Tons of museums, the lake front, a arcade bar we like, nice spa, medieval times (get drunk and yell at knights). I looked to try and make a week long vacation in memphis and found only 1 or 2 things to do

  7. Hey Natfka, thanks for sharing the information :)
    We will organize 'ways' to get tickets for international painters who want to participate in the Golden Demon but could not get a ticket. We also will organize a big 'pre-GD-Dinner' like in the last couple of years. Last year close to 100 top painters met the night before the GD for a steak, a couple of beers and sharing and showing of all of the entries.

    THAT is Games Day. :D

    Check the links that Natfka provided and - if you like - subscribe to stay tuned ;)

  8. I don't get it. Games Day, why is that interesting? I don't think we've ever had those in Scandinavia.

    1. The main attraction must be "meet the creators of the game" (with the chance to meet fellow gamers from farther afield as well), because not all dare to enter the Golden Daemon anyway, and items on sale are not at all cheaper than in GW stores (plus only the Games Day LE figure is not available elsewhere).

      Hey, maybe that's it. Every year, I go to the local model kit fair just to see if I come across good bargains. Maybe GW should do try the same trick to make the event more profitable. Sell stuff at discount, maybe even push old stock at slashed prices instead of scrapping it, or maybe have more one-off items on sale (T-shirts, posters, memorabilia, etc.).